Limit Radiation Exposure with EMF Protection

The world today is getting more dependent on the devices that bring us information. The more information we get, the more we use them. However, with this use, you also expose yourself to daily radiation. But, are there ways to limit exposure with EMF protection?

The methods of most information transmissions include the traditional (and stable!) wired system and the wireless network.

The wireless system of information transmission is possible only because of the electromagnetism phenomenon. EMF, or electromagnetic force, waves are the representations of the information, and through electronic communication devices, conversions and other processes are made. Although the wireless system is impressive, there can also be drawbacks.

How Does EMF Work?

To realize why it is important to limit exposure with EMF protection, let’s first define EMF. EMF exists naturally or device-influenced. The electromagnetism phenomenon happens when a particular change of orientation in electricity induces or causes a certain ferromagnetic object to build-up a magnetic field.

The phenomenon also works backward, where if a magnet is constantly changing its polarities or field orientation, the wire in the middle of the situation will have movement on its electrons, hence the term ‘electricity’. On communication devices, the ones causing the electrical situation are the components and the one manifesting the magnetic field is the antenna.

The transformation of energy from electricity to magnetism happens so fast and simultaneous. The energy then travels from a transmitter’s antenna to another device’s antenna.

How to Limit Exposure with EMF Protection?

If you happen to be in between devices communicating wirelessly, obviously you are exposed. The energy supplied the information in the form of EMF waves passes through your body, similar to that of an X-ray machine.

To learn how to limit exposure with EMF protection, let’s first discuss the term ‘frequency’. This term represents the number of times the electrons are changing directions or orientations within one second. The higher the frequency, the more ‘vibrating’ and ‘penetrative’ the electrons and the magnetic field will be. That is why EMF waves pose risks of exposure analogous to a nuclear blast.

The danger, if analyzed scientifically, can only be dependent on the amount of energy the EMF waves carry. If the energy is strong, the EMF waves can possibly push through anything organic. The duration of exposure plays a part in energy absorption, and that is why the term ‘power’ is the unit of measure to be used in the analysis. Still, regardless of the intensity of the exposure, EMF protection is still essential as it’s safer in the long run.

If the EMF waves are powerful, even for a short time, the exposed body can absorb a portion of that energy. If the cells cannot sustain the amount absorbed, they might die and cause many complications. That is why, on every communication device, there are regulations to omit the problem of the exposure strength, leaving the duration of exposure the only caution.

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Short-Term Effects of EMF Exposure

Short-term effects of EMF exposure can range from a quick second to a couple of hours, and they depend on the average usage and amount of power emitting. You can say that using a smartphone for 1 hour daily is short-term because of the frequency of average smartphone usage.

Likewise, 5 minutes inside a microwave tower is a short-term exposure.

The organic material is at the mercy only of the amount of energy carried by the EMF wave. That means, the more powerful and concentrated the  EMF wave, the quicker the damage.

Long-Term Effects of EMF Exposure

Long-term effects refer to overstaying under the range of the wireless operating system than the average. This exposure can show high levels of EMF damage, especially in households and offices delivering thousands of Wattages.

Studies on lab rats exploring the effects of microwaves on brain activity led by Kavindra Kumar Kesari (title – “Fifty-gigahertz Microwave Exposure Effect of Radiations on Rat Brain”) and another led by R. Paulraj, both from India (title – “Single Strand DNA Breaks in Rat Brain Cells Exposed to Microwave Radiation”) found disturbing conclusions.

After ays-long exposure, the lab rats showed significant impairing effects in their brains and DNA.

With regards to the reproductive systems and exposure to Wi-Fi equipment, the studies led by Murat Yuksel from Turkey and another led by Suleyman Dasdag also from Turkey a decrease in reproductive cells although in borderline alarming states.

The rats suffered a-year-long exposure followed by dissection and analysis of their reproductive organs. Both studies conclude that Wi-Fi exposure affects the hormones and the fetus in pregnant rats.

Limit Exposure with EMF Protection: Conclusion

To summarize, more prolonged exposure to EMF emitting devices can pose health issues; this alone requires us to have EMF protection. Occasional breaks are also a must to unburden the exposed parts. But, these devices are not commercially available and follow the standard tests and regulations, which makes them super-safe to use.

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