Lava Stones vs. Black Tourmaline Stones

lava stones

Stones are omnipresent in our world. There are different uses for each of them as all of them have their respective properties and origin. Two of the most commonly used and probably most effective ones are lava stones and black tourmaline stones.

Both of these stones are said to have magnetic therapy, hence their popularity. However, what exactly makes these stones similar yet different from each other?

Origin of Lava Stones and Black Tourmaline.

Lava stones are literally from the scorching heat of the Earth. These stones, also known as basalt, are volcanic rocks that went up the surface. They cool down after some time then become the shiny black stones they are.

Meanwhile, black tourmaline Stone, also known as schorl tourmaline, originated from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, Africa, and more. The name itself is derived from the language in Sri Lanka.

From “turmali”, a word that refers to yellow zircon, it is now called “tourmaline”. The tourmaline was just mistakenly placed inside a consignment that was labeled “turmalin”. However, despite the mistake, people got used to the name, hence why it’s now called tourmaline.

Also, contrary to its name, most black tourmaline stones are not really black. Instead, they are a shade of a very dark blue color. There are also other colors that represent this striped stone.


When it comes to benefits, both are good for grounding.

When you’re grounded, that means you are aware. Your body, your mind, and the activities around you don’t create confusion. You are alert and you live in the moment – you live in the now.

But why is it important to ground ourselves?

With all the distractions today, grounding seems to become less and less possible. These so-called distractions are gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. If one becomes too engrossed with these, the chances for grounded become more challenging.

The danger here is that when one is not “in the now”, he might pass up details or opportunities that may affect his future; also being not in the now increases the risks to the physical body as there are plenty of harmful things that surround us.

When do you need grounding?

Some of the indications which urge grounding include:

  • When a person is easily distracted.
  • Cases when a person lacks energy more often than acceptable
  • If a person seems to be out of it or spacey
  • When a person finds it hard to focus
  • When a person finds it challenging to finish a task
  • If a person is hard to understand
  • When a person finds it difficult to comprehend
  • When a person seems to lose track of time
  • On occurrences when a person seems to be exceedingly clumsy
  • When a person seems to be very sensitive to noise and lights

Lava Stone and Black Tourmaline: Differences.

Aside from grounding, these stones also offer other benefits to people. However, this is where the similarities end as the two stones have their own respective benefits.

For lava stones, they are as follows:

·         Emotional Stability

Lava stones come from the fiery ground which then makes it a viable source of raw energy. Some think of it as the stone of rebirth. Thus, the stone sheds layers of emotional attachment, consequently making the person emotionally stable.

·         Spiritual Stability

Lava stones are also said to be incredible in making sure that the root chakra is stable. This is the effect of its intense yet firm connection to the Earth as well as it forms in the center of the Earth.

On the other hand, black tourmaline stone has the following benefits:

·         Stress Release

One of the main benefits of black tourmaline stone is its ability to relieve whomever close to it of stress. This is a very advantageous feature of the stone as mostly everyone needs to battle stress.

·         Adrenal Fatigue Prevention

Since adrenal fatigue stems from stress, black tourmaline stone can then help eliminate it.

·         Immune System Strengthening

The stone is not ony popular for being able to reduce stress. One strong feature of this is its ability to strengthen one’s immune system.

·         Spinal and Muscular Pain Relief

Another predicament the stone can help people with is spinal and muscular pain.

How to Use Them?

The best way to use both stones is to wear them as an accessory. It’s quite common to find bracelets that contain lava stone protection and black tourmaline for sale in the market for a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

If wearing is not possible, keep them near you instead, preferably in the same room.


For the best results, try having both of these stones near you. Their grounding effect will double up, and you get to have all of their respective benefits at the same time.

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