Lava Tourmaline Pendant – How it is Made and What Properties Does It Have?

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With the din and stress that the world has chucked on us, it is important we obtain necessary health protection. The use of lava stone beads has a long history across many cultures. This is mostly due to the power and healing properties the beads provide to the user. In fact, black tourmaline is a known powerful stone that provides electromotive force (EMF) protection as well.

How do tourmaline lava stone beads form?

Tourmaline is from molten rocks from the Earth’s core that comes to the surface during a volcanic eruption. When the Earth’s temperature cools the molten rocks, it turns them into black (or brown) lava stone beads. Coming from the deepest part of the Earth, tourmaline contains crystal silicate. In addition, it contains high levels of aluminum, magnesium, iron, lithium, sodium, and potassium. Typically, these beads come in various sizes and shapes, making them fascinating jewelry. Today, these lava stone beads are commonly made into black tourmaline pendant.

The use of tourmaline is popularin many cultures because of their metaphysical properties, as listed below.

1. EMF Protection.

Everyone commonly encounters EMF radiation daily. Electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones, laptops, etc.) emit harmful electronic radiation. That’s when lava rock protection becomes a necessity.

Tourmaline carries weak electrical charges when exposed to heat or pressed against a surface. With that, black tourmaline pendant provides EMF protection primarily by the process of attenuation. Because of this lava rock protection, there is a gradual reduction of harmful EMF in the human body. Soon enough, this process helps protect cells from damage and death.

Secondly, the black tourmaline pendant improves bodily functions by enhancing the body’s own electromagnetic field. As a result, we experience EMF protection with a dispersion of negative energy.

2. Scalar Energy.

Aside from EMF protection, black tourmaline pendant has the capability for scalar vitality. Once on, the pendant gathers data about the wearer’s bodily framework and merge with it. With ownership of the pendant, its function improves over time. In such a way, it balances the energy between the crown and the ethereal body. At the same time, it adjusts the meridians of the physical body, thus providing an anchorage between the human spirit and the Earth.

Hence, it is advisable not to lend the pendant to anyone because it may gather data from the borrower and bolt it in the pendant. Sure, this can affect the functional benefit of the black tourmaline pendant in its original owner.

3. Removal of Negative Energy.

The black tourmaline pendant simultaneously reduces harmful EMF radiation in the body. At the same time, it intensifies its healing properties. This lava rock protection also provides a calming effect by raising bodily vibrations, thus keeping the aura free from negative energy. This consequently heals the body from various stressors. For instance, such include fatigue, exhaustion, and electromagnetic sensitization. In the end, this results in better health for the individual wearing it.

4. Empowerment of the wearer.

Working in a harsh environment or constantly faced with challenging situations is extremely exhausting. In return, this consequently affects productivity. Here, a black tourmaline pendant can provide healing of both the spirit and emotions. In addition, it provides guidance and clarity during trying times. Because they are natural, it is believed they can provide a connection between the human spirit and the Earth. As a result, this grounding effect delivers a balanced energy cycle. This is especially seen between the crown and the ethereal body. Ultimately, such empowerment promotes productivity.

5. Other health benefits.

-Protection of internal organs such as the brain and heart.

-Normalization of the bodily electrical system.

-Relief from chronic stress and anxieties.

-Improvement of the immunity, circulation, metabolism, and respiration.

-Enhanced cerebral functions.

-Balanced chakra.

Because of the numerous health benefits tourmaline lava stone beads feature, these beads are commonly used in jewelry-making. So, if you are thinking of acquiring lava stone beads, be wary of fake products.

How to tell if lava beads are real?

Here are the ways on how to determine genuine lava stone beads.

a. Created from cooled molten rocks, lava stone beads are typically brown or black. However, today these beads are dyed and come in various colors.

b. Naturally, lava beads are porous in nature. Also, they appear like they have craters on the surface.

c. Because of their porous nature, they have holes and bubbles. Naturally, this makes them very lightweight and comfortable to wear when used as jewelry. As a comparison, fake lava beads are not as lightweight as the original ones.

e. Lastly, you can simply drop some beads into the boiling water. Here, they shouldn’t smell anything if they are genuine. In case of a concrete smell after boiling, it may indicate a fake product.


Achieving spiritual tranquility in this noisy world is difficult to achieve. Sometimes, it is a lifelong struggle for many. So, if you need an everyday spiritual cleansing, keep black tourmaline close to you. In return, it will truly shower your spirit with vitality and positive energy!

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