10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lava Black Tourmaline Pendants

lava black tourmaline pendants

The lava black tourmaline pendants are one of the most colorful and popular gemstone pendants available on the market today. This popular gemstone comes with several varieties of brilliant colors and offers a number of health benefits. For instance, some of these include stress reduction, body cleansing, and EMF protection. In fact, there had been several instances that a black tourmaline EMF test found the stone effective in protecting against EMF radiation. What is even greater is that many wear lava black tourmaline pendants daily, as a way to keep the health optimal.

If you think that you are already familiar with the lava black tourmaline, think again. There is still a lot of information that you are not aware of with regard to this popular gemstone.

In this article, you can check out the 10 different things that you probably didn’t know about the popular lava black tourmaline pendants. Read below to know more.

The Place Where Lava Black Tourmaline Originated.

The first lava black tourmaline was found in a tin mine in a German village during the 1400s.

The Rich History of Lava Black Tourmaline.

Ancient magicians referred to a lava black tourmaline as Schorl, and it is used as their protection from earthly demons that may attack them as they cast their spells. Ever since ancient times, lava black tourmalines are known as powerful stones that can give protection from just about all sorts of negative energies.

The Lava Black Tourmaline as the Talisman of Protection.

The lava black tourmaline is called the talisman of protection. This is because the stone is a psychic shield which deflects and dispels negative energies and entities. Moreover, it blocks off radiation and environmental pollutants of different forms, and it purifies and neutralizes the negative thoughts. Ultimately, it not only fights off negative energy, but it also transforms it into positive, usable energy.

Lava Black Tourmaline Pendants & Their Grounding Power.

The lava black tourmaline is a powerful grounding tourmaline stone, and it’s electrical in nature. Thereafter, its electrical features create a connection between our planet and the world of the human spirit. Additionally, this connection provides supportive energy that balances the body and directs the healing light through the system. In addition, it promotes a sense of power and a sense of confidence that allow for a clearer view of the world. Sure enough, this makes lava black tourmaline pendants the perfect protection for those who are working in a challenging environment.

The Worth of a Rare Lava Black Tourmaline.

Tourmalines are present in every continent, but fine gems, such as a lava black tourmaline, are still rare and expensive. In detail, it was famous jeweler George Kunz who first presented a tourmaline stone to New York’s  Tiffany and Co. Since then, lava black tourmaline pendants and similar tourmalines have been desirably spread all over the world. As a result, these have become a favorite for metaphysical collectors due to their energy properties.

Lava Black Tourmaline as The Most Common Tourmaline Species.

There are different species of tourmaline, and they may come in different colors. However, the most common species is Schorl or the lava black tourmaline, accounting for 95% of all tourmaline species in general. When turned into black tourmaline pendants, this stone takes both a beneficial and fashionable stance.

Lava Black Tourmaline in Deep Blue Color.

Although they are black, lava black tourmalines may also come in deep blue color. However, the deep blue color is so deep that the stone may appear as black in color. Nevertheless, it is still a species of the lava black tourmaline.

Lava Black Tourmaline Embedded in Quartz.

Needles of lava black tourmaline may also contain a coat of clear-color Quartz. Once embedded, the stone becomes Tourmalated or Tourmalinated Quartz. The combination of the black tourmaline color and the clear white color of Quartz promotes a polarity of energies that bring the light and dark forces together to create a common goal. This is very favorable for bringing in good fortune and charm.

Its Ability to Be Electrically Charged.

A lava black tourmaline stone can be electrically charged by simply being rubbed or heated. As it is charged, one of its ends becomes positive while the other becomes negative. This contrast of energy allows the attraction or repulsion of particles.

The Lava Black Tourmaline With Its Meditation and Healing Properties.

The grounding properties of the lava black tourmaline promote various meditation and healing benefits. First, it soothes anxiety and panic attacks and helps control fears. Furthermore, it also protects against toxic energies from emotional vampires who may burden you with their own problems. Next, it generally gives you a more positive outlook in life without the presence of negative energies.


The list above are the different facts regarding the black tourmaline pendants and gemstones. Certainly, this gemstone is impressive to look at, but by using it, you will finally realize its true powers.

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