What are the Recent Trends in the Yoga Industry?

Latest yoga trends

Yoga is an ancient practice that is constantly evolving over time. While the basics remain unchanged, the latest yoga trends are being introduced as well. New props, exciting locations, varying music, and movements are now being incorporated into the yoga business, adding a unique flair to the old-fashioned practice. With these new trends popping out, yoga teachers are now challenged to keep up.

While teachers find it important to teach what they love, they also need to teach what may appear challenging even for them. This is because comfortability sometimes leads to the absence of growth. While introducing a new trend may be a bit difficult, it allows yoga teachers to understand their students and connect with them even better and grow as individuals as well.

Latest Yoga Trends Every Yoga Teacher Should Know

The yoga business is trying to keep up with today’s evolving society. Because of this, yoga teachers need to spice things up a bit and try something new. If you’re a yoga teacher and want to move outside the box, here are some of the latest yoga trends you should know:

Acrobatic Yoga

Yogis now discover a new way to practice yoga with a partner. The acrobatic yoga requires strength and full body balance. It’s a challenging workout that looks like something you will see on a Vegas stage. It offers something for each level, though. You and your partner can take turns lifting and balancing each other while you execute basic yoga poses in the air. If this is something that you find interesting, look for a partner you can trust and give it a shot!

Animal Yoga

Goat yoga broke out on Instagram in 2017, and today, some studios in the yoga business industry are pursuing the idea. Goat yoga classes are increasing in the United States while other studios are conceptualizing alternative approaches to animal yoga. Dog Yoga, also known as Doga, is already being practiced, too. This animal yoga promises to help yoga practitioners improve their bond with their pet. On the other hand, Cat yoga is practiced in a studio with free-roaming cats during class. Experts claim the animals’ presence can lower anxiety, build feel-good hormones, and decrease loneliness.

Boozy Yoga

Yogis can now explore classes that combine vinyasa and alcohol. Many studios are now offering cocktails following yoga classes on Fridays and mimosas after morning flow on Saturdays. Some studios are welcoming a yoga concept that originated from Germany known as Beer Yoga, wherein yogis drink beer during class as a way to achieve relaxation and comfort while performing tricky postures.

Rooftop Yoga

More and more people want to try yoga out but want to practice it outside the studio. The trend before was beach yoga. However, people found it challenging since it involves an uneven surface and sand appearing everywhere. If you want to practice yoga and enjoy the spectacular views outdoor, the rooftop yoga may be what you’re looking for. Some yoga studios have been partnering with establishment owners and hotels to offer this unique experience. It will likely reach its boom this year and in the years to come.

Silent Disco Yoga

The Silent Disco yoga is the perfect new trend for those who love dance parties. Yoga students usually wear wireless headphones, connected to the main source. The students will hear both music and cues from their yoga teacher through the headphones. The yogi will experience an immersive flow, feeling a deep connection with both their yoga instructor and the music.

Soul Flow Yoga

Soul Flow yoga is a combination of yoga, dance, and tai chi. Oftentimes, the practice is alongside live music. Both seasoned and new yogis appreciate the intensity and energy boosted by the upbeat music.

Specialized Yoga Equipment

One good thing about yoga is you can practice it with very little equipment, but serious yogis have discovered how quality equipment can help them improve their practice further. You can take big strides and create serious adjustments by purchasing yoga equipment and specialized mats that will help you balance and improve your poses.

Yoga Retreats

Many yogis are taking a break to practice yoga in beautiful, exotic locations and meet with other yogis. These retreats focus on meditation and total relaxation of the body and mind. Also, here you can enjoy fabulous spa treatments and healthy meals.

Yoga Therapy

Today, more people including athletes, are joining yoga-based therapies. Yoga therapy is one of the latest yoga trends for wellness. It has helped people prevent and recover from injuries and treat conditions like allergies and cancer.


Yoga market research reveals more and more people are getting interested in practicing yoga. This comes as no surprise since yoga offers a number of benefits for both the mind and body. With the latest yoga trends coming up, it is more likely that people will sign up for yoga classes in nearby studios. However, regardless of your choice, it is important to keep loyal to it. Regardless of your lifestyle or preference, yoga will surely help you reap generous benefits.