SOLVED: International Yoga Certification and Your Own Studio!

international yoga certification

After teaching yoga for a few years and acquiring some regular students, the next step for yoga teachers would be to open up a yoga business or a studio. This way, yoga teachers won’t have to keep on renting studios or going to the venues of their students. They can customize their own place and let the students come to them. But, then comes the topic of international yoga certification. 

Just like all businesses, there are certain practices and regulations that yoga teachers need to observe in order to open up a legit yoga business. Now, one of the most common questions that beginner yoga business owners would ask is if they need to have yoga teacher training and certification to open up a business. Let’s find out below.

What Is International Yoga Certification?

Before knowing whether or not a certification is needed to open up a yoga business, it’s important to first know what a yoga certification is. Basically, a yoga certification just shows one’s education level in yoga techniques and in yoga business management. There are two types of certifications that you can get. These are the Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) and the Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

What is the difference between the two?

In order to have a CYT, you just need to enroll in a yoga certification program or course. Most yoga schools that train teachers offer this kind, of course, to prepare their students to become instructors. There are also certain levels in these courses wherein one can get the certification after passing these levels.

The RYT, on the other hand, is a bit different and a bit harder to get. In order to get an RYT, you need to be registered with the Yoga Alliance. The great thing about getting an RYT is that you can get an international yoga certification. This would really boost up your credentials and arguably get you more students. It also allows your school or studio to be more recognized when it comes to international yoga certification.

Take note that the Yoga Alliance has its own set of requirements. So, even if you have a CYT already, you may need to pass some extra requirements to get an RYT. One of these requirements would be to continuously pursue yoga education given by the Yoga Alliance. You’re also required to take 200 hours of face to face yoga classes also set up by the Yoga Alliance.

Is Yoga Certification a Requirement to Open a Business?

Now that you are getting into the swing of things, it is wise to discuss if yoga certification is mandatory to open up a business. Well fortunately for yoga teachers, the regulation of yoga teachers isn’t very strict wherever you go. This is most likely because there is no central yoga body that will set up all the rules for new yoga studios.

Thus, the only thing that you’ll really need is strong knowledge of yoga, capital, business requirements, space, and students. Of course, you’ll also need equipment, supplies, and all those other things needed to run the operations. You don’t need to register for any certification before you open up your business.

With that said, should you get a yoga certification to open up a business?

Yes, it is definitely recommended that you get one. The first reason is that a certification means that you’ve gone through an actual yoga course. Going through an official course allows you to boost your knowledge and skills in yoga. You can also gain some tips on how to run a yoga business from your instructor.

The second reason is credentials. Students these days don’t just run to any yoga studio to learn the art. They look for credentials first so that they’ll know whether the teacher is legit or not. They won’t want to pay for learning the wrong thing. That’s why students usually ask the teachers for their credentials before signing up. A CYT is a great marketing tool that can convince students to join.

An RYT is an even better marketing tool that can grab more traction. If you have registered through Yoga Alliance, then potential students will be more convinced of your skills and will be more willing to join your classes. You may even frame up all of your credentials so that visitors who enter your studio can see them.


So, must you get a certification to open up a studio? The answer is no because it’s not a pre-requisite to opening a studio. But should you get a certification? Yes, because it will serve as the proof of your commitment to the art. It will also serve as a marketing tool to show students that you own an international yoga certification.

It is best that you get a certification before you create your studio. You may get your international yoga certification when your studio is already set up. Still, it’ll be hard for you to attract students without it.