How can I protect my baby from radiation?

How can I protect my baby from radiation?

How can I protect my baby from radiation? Protecting children from radiation from mobile phones and tablets is the best solution to the uncertainty of the effects of their daily use.

Mobile phone radiation has generated great concern in recent years. Due to the increased use of electronic devices and the uncertainty about the effects of their use, prevention and knowing the guidelines to avoid possible dangers is essential.

Adults are not the only ones who spend the day glued to the screen of our mobiles, tablet, and/or computer. Children and technology are inseparable, even more so as a result of the pandemic caused by Covid-19. That has made the new normality 100% digital.

Both for their leisure and entertainment as well as for their education, the use of this type of device has skyrocketed among the little ones. For this reason, now more than ever, it is vital to take care of the health of children. That is taking into account their damage, such as radiation from mobile phones.

How can I protect my baby from radiation?

Children and technology today:

It is clear that digitization and connectivity are part of our daily lives and also that of children. But what use do they make of technology? According to a study, children between the ages of 5 and 11 spent a total of 711 hours and 45 minutes a year connected to the internet. It supposes a daily average of 2 hours and 24 minutes.

However, an even more alarming fact is that the responsible use of mobile devices by children was not a priority for their parents. And it is that a bad relationship between children and technology today can be a great danger. In this sense, one of the main risks to which they could be subjected is radiation. To avoid it, the main thing is to know how mobile phone radiation affects health.

However, the truth is that concluding the radiation of mobile phones and tablets is complicated since there are all kinds of opinions. Dr. Marco F. Payá, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences said several points on how harmful is radiation. He said, using the tablet for 20 minutes on the legs destroys most of the sperm in boys and that girls suffer from an alteration of the mitochondria of their ovules.

On the other hand, according to the WHO, it has not been proven that electromagnetic fields are harmful. Because there is no scientific evidence showing negative effects in the short term and there are not sufficient data to indicate in the long term.Therefore, in the face of uncertainty, prevention is always better than cure.

How do protect children from radiation from mobile phones and tablets?

But technology can also bring great advantages in its development if it is used responsibly. And for that, having the necessary tools to avoid its dangers, and specifically, the radiation of mobile phones and tablets is essential.

The main recommendation that experts usually make when mentioning the radiation of mobile phones and tablets is to keep a certain distance from these devices. For example, if you are going to make a call, it is convenient to use the loudspeaker or the headphones to avoid having the smartphone close to your face.

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At bedtime, on the other hand, it is wise to keep the cell phone away from the bed. Even though many people make the mistake of leaving it on the bedside table.

It is also advisable to avoid the use of electric blankets and all kinds of electric heaters for beds. You should avoid this at least when we are lying down. That is because they generate strong electric and magnetic fields.

Do not use wireless baby monitors: 

These wireless surveillance systems work just like DECT cordless phones. These are designed to be installed half a meter or less from our babies’ heads with high emission power. If a model is already being used, confirm that it is at least one of those that are activated by sound. Also, make sure, they only radiate when they detect noise and not one that does so continuously.

For their part, tablets are often used to watch videos, series, and movies, especially by children. A good solution to guarantee this distance is to use tablet support. There are various great products you will find on the internet. But in addition, these innovative supports are made of materials that isolate. Also, absorb all electromagnetic waves, being one of the most effective anti-radiation methods. Although it is true that excessive use of electronic devices can have serious health consequences. If affects both children and adults, there are ways to avoid and reduce the risk.

Radiation shield products are the perfect ally against the establishment of mobile phones and tablets. And remember, using technology sensibly is the best guarantee for health and safety of everyone.

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