Household EMF Sources: Are Fridges a Serious Radiation Threat? 

household emf sources

One of the most common appliances found in every household is a refrigerator. Ever since it was invented, it helped many families and households store their food and cool their drinks. Nowadays, fridges gain more momentum by being labeled as one of the potential household EMF sources.

While decades have passed since its first release in the market, refrigerators were continuously developed to meet the technological demands of consumers. Now, refrigerators have built-in water dispensers, storage checkers, and even helpful grocery service apps.

However, the technology that makes the refrigeration process in this appliance produces electromagnetic frequencies. In return, these can seriously damage one’s health.

Modern tetrafluoroethane (HFC) refrigerators are energy efficient. However, the switch modes in these types of refrigerators still produce a significant value of EMF radiation just as much as its predecessors. Plus, with all high-tech devices installed in smart refrigerators, you can expect a higher rating of EMF.

Household EMF Sources: Is your fridge a health threat?

Technically, electronics found in all types of refrigerators produce EMF radiation. The electronic mechanism found at the back of the fridge helps push HFC into the cooling pipes. As newer refrigerators become energy efficient, the need for electric current still gradually rises. Of course, this puts your fridge as one of the most common household EMF sources.

What is the EMF rating of every refrigerator at home?

In regular refrigerators, there’s a rating of 1.5 mG of EMF within 1-foot distance. This reduces when you are further from it. However, the rating increases with smart refrigerators. This is due to the increase of electric current needed to sustain these added devices which make the appliance smarter.

In order to best obtain the rating of your refrigerator as one of the potential household EMF sources, you can measure the magnetic, electric, and radiofrequency levels. This will allow you to know the amount of radiation it emits. You also need this in order to strategically place every appliance at home to avoid clustered radiation in any space at home.

Are fridges one of the worst household EMF sources?

Currently, there have been no studies to prove fridges emit EM. However, the composition and technical system of the appliance bears the capacity for it to produce such electromagnetic radiation. Chances are your refrigerator could add more EM radiation in your own home and put everyone at risks.

Why should we worry about EMF radiation exposure?

By manufacturing refrigerators to meet consumer demands, the practice adds more EMF radiation capacity to the device. As such, it exposes your family to a lot of health risks.

Some health risks involved in EMF radiation exposure include:

  • Anxiety and fatigue.
  • Acute cases of hypertension.
  • Possible hormonal changes, especially with pregnant women.
  • Allergies and electro-sensitivities.
  • Disruption of the sleeping clock.
  • Headaches and possible heart palpitations.

It is a fact that the kitchen is one of the parts of your house that holds the highest radiation. This is due to the number of electronics and appliances found in this area. The more appliances and electronics you have, the more EMF radiation you will be exposed to.

What can we do about it?

The best way for you to protect your home from EMF radiation is to take advantage of EMF protection technology. The most promising homemade EMF protection is to strategically arrange your appliances. However, this is not possible in all types of houses, especially those with smaller spaces.

Also, avoid the habit of opening your refrigerators more often. In summer, a blast of cool air from the fridge can help you cool off a bit. However, this way, you are exposing yourself to more danger. Being near the fridge could make your body more exposed to the radiation, causing health concerns as a result.


Many books online can teach you how to block radio waves in your house. This can help you decide your appliance purchases and teach you about placing them in your house.

Also, when buying appliances, especially refrigerators, bring your EMF meter so you know how much EMF you are facing daily. All these methods can help you ensure yourself a much safer home for you and your family.

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