How to Block EMF Radiation Using Aluminum Foil? 

Electromagnetic radiation is present everywhere in your life and home. It is in your electronics. Its many side effects include cancer, anxiety, depression, brain fog, dementia, insomnia, and others. Although it is very difficult to stop using technology, you can learn how to make your own homemade EMF protection.

Aluminum foil is an effective homemade EMF protection for a majority of the wavelengths produced by electromagnetic fields. Below, let’s learn how it all works and how you can apply this method at home and stay EMF-free!

Homemade EMF Radiation: Try It Out First!

Do a little experiment: make your very own homemade EMF protection by putting your phone in a cocoon made out of aluminum foil. Make sure that the foil doesn’t have any holes or rips. The cocoon creates a cage that blocks out radio waves, which are a kind of wave in EMF. It was discovered by Micheal Faraday and serves as one of the most practical homemade EMF protection tricks.

Next, call your phone. You won’t be able to hear it ringing. It truly works! Aluminum has electrical conductivity which is the reason why it is so effective in blocking EMF radiation.

How to Block Radio Waves in Your House.

  1. Teach Your Family About EMF Radiation.

Teaching your family the harmful effects of EMF is one of the best ways to start. This knowledge will help your family to be more mindful of how they use gadgets. Also, it will encourage them to keep your home safe and protected.

Also, you can show your kids how aluminum foil blocks out the signal in your phones. Or, you can take their electronic toys, wrap them in foil and stay tuned for the results.

  1. Make Small Cages Using Aluminum.

You can make small cages using old boxes, lined with multiple layers of aluminum foil. With that, place your phones and other gadgets inside when not using them.

You can use adhesive to hold the aluminum foil. Ensure there are no rips in the foil so that the cage you create will be very effective.

  1. Turn off the WiFi When Not Using It.

To ensure the effects of your homemade EMF protection, turn off your WiFi when it’s bedtime. You can also make a cage for it to place in when you’re not using it.

  1. Line Your Rooms With Aluminum Foil.

It may not be for everybody, because it is not very attractive. If you’re already facing the consequences of long, intense exposure to radiation, this may be a viable option for you.

Why Using Aluminum Foil Protection Is The Best Option For You?

There are various benefits which stem from using homemade EMF protection. Such include:

  • It is effective.
  • It is cheap.
  • Aluminum is easily found in stores and in your kitchen.
  • It is safe.
  • It is easy to use.

Other Easy Ways to Protect Yourself at Home.

  • When you’re done using your devices, unplug it.

This doesn’t only protect you, it also reduces the chances of electrical accidents. Make it a habit and teach your children to do the same.

  • Don’t Put Your Phone Inside Your Pocket.

Putting your phone in your pocket is easy and convenient. But, it is not healthy to keep EMF radiating devices so close to your body or in direct contact with your skin.

  • Don’t Sleep With Your Devices Nearby.

Avoid sleeping with your phones, laptops or tabs, especially when they are on or when they are charging.

  • Don’t Buy Too Many Devices.

Only buy the electronics that you need. The more electronics you have, the more EMF radiation you are exposed to. Therefore, don’t stack up on the extra devices that you don’t really need or use.

  • Keep Your Feet On The Ground.

Go outside some times, and keep your feet in contact with the sand and grass. Make sure you have plants around you.

Contact with the soil or grass causes the body to become alkaline and thus makes you neutral. It prevents EMF radiation from having harmful effects.

  • Eat Nutritious Food.

Eating well may seem like a small way to protect yourself from EMF, but good food builds up your immunity. A strong immunity makes you less susceptible to the harmful effects of radiation. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and iodine. Make sure that your diet is largely organic and balanced.

EMF Protection: Conclusion.

EMF radiation is all around you. As it harms your health, try to minimize its effects and use electronic devices less. Aluminum is only one form of EMF protection at home. It is by far the easiest method and cheapest method. However, there are other effective measures that can be looked into. For more information on EMF, you can read a book on it written by Nicolas Pineault and learn more about protecting your family for EMF radiation from Lloyd Burrel.

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