10 Fascinating Facts About Yoga You Probably Didn’t Know

Yoga benefits facts

If you are already doing it, you’ve probably tried your best convincing people of the positive yoga benefits facts. Yoga is a friendly exercise that helps you achieve a calm demeanor and a sharp mind. At the same time, yoga triggers a positive attitude and perception as well.

Contrary to common belief, you don’t have to be “flexible,” because it actually takes a lot of practice. If you’re not joining a yoga class yet, below is a list of interesting facts about yoga that may convince you to take one ASAP.

10 Fascinating Yoga Benefits Facts
Lord Shiva is the supreme lord of yoga.

First, Shiva is the asana lord and has 84 lakhs of asanas. All these originate from his movements. Secondly, Shiva’s gestures and dances likewise reflect yoga postures. All mantras derive from Shiva. Actually, he is the meditation lord, pictured seated deep in meditation.

The chant ‘Om’ symbolizes the primordial ‘sound of the universe’.

Chanting is one of yoga’s significant aspects, and the yoga of sound (nada yoga) can be effective and powerful. The chant ‘Om’ consists of the syllables A-U-M. The sound symbolizes the primordial ‘sound of the universe’ from which all the other sounds come from. The three syllables, meantime, embody the past, present, and future. The ‘Om’ chant inspires a connection to the universe and the energy of the ‘bigger picture’.

‘Namaste’ is more than just a word spoken after each yoga session.

The traditional greeting ‘namaste’ works the best at the end of each yoga class. Basically, the word translates to ‘the light in me bows to the light in you.’ In addition, the name symbolizes the mutual respect between people. It also represents the recognition of deeper similarities rather than differences. Finally, the name represents one of the great things about yoga.

There are a number of yoga styles to choose from.

Many people have grown curious about how yoga changes your body with the numerous yoga styles emerging all over the place. Today, there are more than one hundred different yoga schools. This ranges from the more traditional Ashtanga, Tantra, Hatha, and Sivananda, to aerial yoga, paddleboard yoga, laughter yoga, rocket yoga, and equine yoga.

‘Dog-Yoga’ or Doga is actually a thing.

Doga was first introduced in New York in 2002. It is a yoga type wherein owners build harmony with their pets. Owners either use their dogs as props or let them perform light stretching exercises as well.

Tao Porchon-Lynch is the oldest yoga instructor at 99.

Tao Porchon-Lynch is a French-Indian yogi born in August 1918. She is also a former model and actress and a dancer. In May 2012, Porchon-Lynch made it to the Guinness World Records as the ‘World’s Oldest Yoga Instructor’ at the age of 93. Today, she continues to teach yoga at the age of 99.

Yoga helps people with (OCD), anxiety, and depression.

Among the benefits of yoga include improving one’s mental health. A research at the Institute for Nonlinear Science, University of California revealed that people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) noted an improvement in their symptoms when they regularly practiced Kundalini yoga.

Yoga can be beneficial for people suffering from anxiety and depression, too. Yoga and brain function have a connection as the ancient art help improve your mental functioning and overall mood.

Traditionally, yoga was a practice for men.

Traditionally speaking, yoga was a known practice for men. Yoga became known to women when revered teacher Krishnamacharya let his wife join practices. Indra Devi, soon after, became the first popular yoga teacher with Marilyn Monroe as one of her students. Many years after, men became a rare sight in yoga classes.

Today, men are back at it with the launching of Broga or Yoga for bros. Broga founder Matt Miller, a former bodybuilder, footballer, and personal trainer, said Broga looks at the ancient art from the sensibility of males. Miller added it is a challenging, strong, and energetic exercise for men. With this, benefits of yoga for men can also be noted.

‘Hot Nude Yoga’ is also a thing, and it’s growing in popularity.

Another thing that’s growing in popularity is the so-called ‘Hot Nude Yoga’. This is one of the best yoga benefits facts you should learn. People in the East and West are practicing yoga while naked. This practice actually originated from an ancient tradition known as Naga Yoga. Naked yoga encourages body acceptance and appreciation and deepens an individual’s practice.

Yoga enhances concentration and productivity.

With the busy lifestyle most people have nowadays, it is no wonder why it has become a struggle to concentrate. As your obligations pile up, you tend to get anxious. Therefore, practicing yoga can help you concentrate and prioritize things effectively. 

Yoga Benefits Facts Conclusion

The benefits of yoga to one’s physical, emotional, and mental state are abundant. Many people already testified that yoga brings positive changes to their lives. If you want to experience these positive changes, you can search for yoga classes near you. Finally, knowing all yoga benefits facts can empower your journey, thus delivering internal peace.