How Mindfulness Can Help Improve Your Relationship With Your Employees

Work Mindfulness

No boss would want to be considered as the “terror boss” in the office. It is the type of boss that any employee would want to avoid. This is the type of boss that may scream at you for no apparent reason, be on your case just because he or she is having a bad day, or expect things from you even though he or she didn’t explicitly say so. With that, work mindfulness is crucial. 

In fact, Al Benson of the National Bureau of Economic Research states that new managers, in particular, may not have the work mindfulness skills to lead.  These further causes them stress, anxiety, and may lead to them becoming even worse.

According to Charles Francis, founder of the Mindful Meditation Institute and author of “Mindfulness Made Simple: Your Guide to Finding True Inner Peace”, realizing more about yourself and the people around you is one of the best ways got bosses to have better peace with themselves despite the expectations of their position. This will allow them to have better relationships with employees. This is why work Mindfulness for business leaders is so important. All leaders should know how to practice mindfulness as it can keep them from turning into someone their employees will hate.

Here are a few techniques that you can practice. Most of them are taught in most mindful leadership workshops and by big business leaders.

Techniques to Help You Gain Work Mindfulness as a Leader
  • Just Stop and Breathe

This is probably one of the most effective techniques to become a good leader, and it’s often overlooked too. Leaders are often under a lot of stress as many responsibilities ride on their shoulders. This would lead them to become more uptight and short-fused. Now, if you are in a leadership position and would want to scream at your employee because of a small mistake, just stop and breathe.

Breathing slowly and deeply can relax you by bringing in more oxygen into the lungs. This allows you to lower your blood pressure and relax your mind, according to a report by Harvard Health Publishing. So, if you start feeling agitated and can’t focus, take time to sit down, close your eyes, and breathe deeply for around 15 seconds. This is the most basic form of meditation.

  • Take a Mindful Walk

Walking is something that all of us inevitably do every day. So, instead of just walking, why not do mindful walking? Mindful walking is actually a form of meditation that you can do anytime anywhere. To do mindful walking, you are simply paying attention to your inner sensations as you walk. For example, you’re feeling your own breathing as you walk or you’re feeling your feet touching the floor. This will help you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Eventually, it’ll help you relax.

  • Listen Attentively

According to Francis, most people listen to people not to really listen, but to know what to reply. Francis states that humans have the tendency to always think ahead of what to say and miss out what the other person is saying. This is how a lot of miscommunications happen in the first place, especially between bosses and employees.

One of the most important tenets of work mindfulness entrepreneurship is to always listen. Not just listen, but listen intently and digest every word the person you’re talking to is saying. This actually promotes mindfulness because you’re forming a connection with whoever you’re talking to. If that person happens to be your employee, you can form a connection with him or her. This connection can actually make your employee understand you better. That said, one of the benefits of work mindfulness is helping bridge the relationship between you and your employee through a mindful connection.

  • Watch Your Speech

When you learn how to practice mindfulness, you will be more aware of everything you do. This especially includes the way you speak. Francis states that sometimes people simply react to what other people say and just say the first thing that pops into their heads. Putting it into context, bosses have the tendency to say things to their employees out of the spur of their emotions. These negative words may drive the employee to a state of anger, hate, or sadness.

So by learning meditation and learning how to practice mindfulness daily, you’ll be able to control the words that you speak. Also by learning how to control that knee-jerk reaction to say whatever is in your head, you can observe the behavior of your employee. You can observe the body language, tone, and overall attitude at the present. This helps you further connect with your employee and know how to work with them better.

  • Write In Your Journal

One of the techniques that Francis really recommends is writing down your words of meditation for 15 minutes a day. Writing in a journal helps you concentrate on your mantra as you are visibly seeing your mantra being written on paper. By setting a different mantra regularly, you can achieve various goals through affirmation.


Being a leader is a hard job because people will be looking up toward you. If you want people to respect you, then you have to know how to act. Preserving work mindfulness will help you know how to relax, connect with your employees, and overall improve your relationship.

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