The Importance of Faith in the Success of Your Business

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One never gets enough of business advice. Ambition, problem-solving skills, and creativity – these are just some traits an entrepreneur must have. Aside from listening to business gurus, many also find themselves relying on a success prayer for business. It is a given that learning how to pray as an entrepreneur has its perks.

Naturally, the business boom-religiosity link seems anecdotal. However, the success of countless famous brands might just show this is more than an old wives’ tale.

Success prayer for Business and Faith 

There have been discussions that explore the contribution of faith to business. In 1958, the Journal of Business published an article on how religion shaped business ethics. The author, James Worthy, wrote about fair play and self-restraint. In his work, he listed these as important business ideals. Of course, the two are inspired by religious teachings.

Here are other stories that show how bible devotions have turned into the best business opportunity:

  • J.C.Penney

There was cash to his name and the golden rule inside his heart. James Cash Penney purchased a store from his partners in 1902. He baptized it as the Golden Rule Store, the maxim of which was to treat others the way Penney wanted to be treated. The Golden Rule store eventually expanded into a huge chain, with over 2,000 department stores in the US.

  • David Neeleman

JetBlue’s outstanding customer service was inspired by its founder’s, David Neeleman. Neeleman said that a life in mission obliterated class distinction for him. He learned to treat everyone the same and disdained notions of superiority from the upper class.

  • Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay Ash believed that God had blessed the business because her motivation was faithful to His words. Even more, Mary Kay’s company continually celebrates them with products that promote beauty and confidence.

5 Reasons Why Faith is Important

Despite coming under fire for their religious inclinations, entrepreneurs kept to their faiths and success prayer for business. For them, there are reasons why faith is essential for a business to thrive. These reasons include:

  • Keeping dog-eat-dog practices in check

The religious ideals of fair play and self-restraint have kept cutthroat practices at bay. In a dog-eat-dog market, businesses move beyond their limits and ethics. In such a situation, competing companies aim for the destruction of their competitor. Keeping the faith in business has helped develop self-restraint in many entrepreneurs.

Also, thanks to these ideals, the American economy has operated with less strict government control. The idea is to have self-restraint over legal restraint.

  • Promoting confidence

A study by professors at Baylor University explored the relationship between faith and work. They mainly focused on the lives of religious entrepreneurs. What they found is that some entrepreneurs need to pray, due to increased exposure to risks. The pressure to put food on the table may have also encouraged spiritual leanings. A success prayer for business has indeed inspired confidence in these religious businessmen.

  • Nourishing commitment and satisfaction

The same study also found that faith was associated with innovativeness and an entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, people’s appreciation of their relationship with God largely affects the overall work behavior. Perhaps because this relationship with God results in a good way of treating others, employees feel more committed and satisfied. Such a good environment has translated into high revenues.  

  • Cultivating social entrepreneurship

First, learning how to pray for the business is not what always spells success. Due to a lack of time, some entrepreneurs have left conventional religious practices. Commonly, these included church attendance and reading the bible. That, however, does not mean they have turned their backs on their faiths. Instead, they use their faith as a guide in their life decisions, business-related ones included. Faith, for them, is what ticks in social entrepreneurship; the idea is to serve people first and foremost.

  • Developing self-leadership

A lot of entrepreneurs witnessed how spirituality and self-efficacy link. Some researchers contend that a personal relationship with God grows individualism and autonomy. Both of these have a lot to do with entrepreneurship.


It may sound counterintuitive for some people, but we find in successful businessmen themselves living proofs that faith and business can be a profitable combination. It is not always about religiously reciting a success prayer for business, going to church, or teaching employers how to pray. Success in business is reflected back on their faith on a very personal level. In addition and their individual value system.

How entrepreneurs personally define faith is what’s driving them to their success. These apply to anything, from the use of a success prayer for business to simple philanthropic ideals. Regardless, they all are essentially celebrations of faith. And, they have shaped the ideals and values of some of our favorite brands.