How You Can Use Prayer Can as Your Portable Power Source

powerful prayer

In this busy world, people seldom have the time to learn the meaning of a powerful prayer. It is not that you do not know how to pray, it is just that you often get distracted by the demands of your work and your family. As you follow the same vicious cycle day by day, it’s easy to feel drained of all energy. But there’s a way you can break this cycle.

You can say a short prayer for business success, good health, and enlightenment before you start to do anything.  You can also say a prayer for strength, so you can have the energy to get through the day.

Understanding Powerful Prayer

Prayer changes things. It allows you to look at your inner self and gain a deeper understanding of your feelings, motivations, and desires. It also gives you a connection with and dependency on something bigger than yourself.

Earlier studies conducted by scholars put forth the theory that prayer is a phenomenon with many dimensions. The German theologian Friedrich Heiler defined powerful prayer as “the central phenomenon of religion, the very hearthstone of all piety.” And as a hearthstone, you turn to prayer for revitalizing yourself when you feel weak and tired.  Prayer is also your solace in times of confusion and doubt. Time and time again, powerful prayer has brought people together. You can do it in both good and bad times, during celebrations of victories and in calamities.

It is not the question of how to pray that matters, it is when to call on a Higher Being to derive power from its presence. Praying is an act that you can do it anywhere you are and at any time.  

Power of Prayer Research 

Professor Birgit Meyer in her research paper, “Aesthetics of Persuasion: Global Christianity and Pentecostalism Sensational Forms,” calls the Holy Spirit as “a portable power source.”  You are actually drawing in a Higher Being’s energizing power when you say a prayer for business undertakings, professional assignments, career choices, and family safety.  

Invoking the Holy Spirit can also bring about an experience where people speak in tongues that they are not familiar with.  This experience is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When this occurs, they pour out words that are unintelligible to the listener. People who have this experience say that they feel peace, happiness, and a new power.  This is thought to have the ability to heal the sick and is believed to improve one’s overall well-being.

Even if you do not have a deep spiritual experience, you can still use prayers to recharge yourself.

How You Can Use a Powerful Prayer to Recharge

Prayer is a holy recharge. You can use the prayers that you learned at home, in school, and in church.  But you can also spontaneously implore a Higher Being for guidance and blessings. To help you refresh yourself spiritually, you can turn to verses, teachings, and other readings for inspiration.

  • Power of prayer verses

You can always turn to the Bible for verses that can remind you of the power of prayer.  The Bible contains God’s promises to people. All you need to do is to turn these promises into prayers. When you feel morally and spiritually tired, you can read 1 John 5:14, 1 John 5:15, and Mark 11:24.

  • Power of prayer teachings

There are many teachings on the power of prayer.  These include prayer as a means to bring you to a place of protection and redemption. It removes all fear and gives discernment. Prayer is also said to be a great power that is readily available to you. You can do while at work or in the middle of the road during traffic. However, the ultimate one is that the power comes from the belief that a Higher Being hears and answers your prayers.

  • Power of prayer studies

There are numerous studies and articles that show there is power in prayer. For instance, in Friedrich Heiler’s “Prayer: A Study in the History and Psychology of Religion,” he compiles a comprehensive study of prayer as a phenomenon. He explores the six types of prayer. One of which is secular prayer, which involves connecting with nature. Secular spirituality allows a person to meditate inwardly. This meditation allows your mind to relax and recharge.

There are also studies that focus on the effect of prayer on overall health. According to Mitchell Krucoff of Duke University School of Medicine, reports from NIH suggest that there are potential health benefits of spiritual interventions and prayer. It’s possible that prayer will not only help you mentally and spiritually but also physically.

Final Thoughts

There is a mystery behind a powerful prayer. It can be an effective way of connecting with a Higher Being. In turn, this can give you the energy you need to recharge.

There are many reasons for you to pray. Pray for your family’s well-being, success in your endeavors, and protection of those you love.  You can even say a prayer for the achievements of your business plans and for the energy that you need to do them.