Simple Mindfulness vs Mindfulness Meditation: Similarities and Differences Revealed!

Mindfulness vs. meditation

Mindfulness vs. meditation has long represented a conflict among many experts in the field. Meditation and mindfulness meditation are two generally confused, yet very debated terms. So far, these have been interpreted in many ways. With that, all their health benefits come to the scene, as benefits relevant to know.  

For practitioners, the challenge is finding a way to practice mindfulness in a healthy and encouraging way. In this article, we’ll try to shed light on this confusion. That way, you can learn more about the practice itself and how to implement it correctly.

Mindfulness vs. Meditation  

First, let us try to establish a clear line between mindfulness vs meditation. We’ll do so by discussing the terms meditation and mindfulness separately.


The practice of meditation predates the origins of the world’s first religions. These include Hinduism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Meditation teaches how to focus one’s attention on one particular thing in cases of distraction. The same can be said for anxiety, anger, depression, and negativity. 

Meditation can be used as a powerful tool to combat anything that puts the emotion under siege. Currently, there is a growing evidence that meditation helps reduce stress and increase patience. At the same time, it manages symptoms of anxiety, asthma, and even cancer.

There are thousands of techniques, activities, and exercises to try. Some of the time-tested ways are guided meditation, mantra meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga and, of course, mindfulness.


Mindfulness simply means being mindful or aware of the present moment you are in. It is all about focusing on what you currently experience. This can include an array of activities, such as breathing, eating, or walking. If you ask how to practice mindfulness with these acts, the answer is simple. Just let your mind drift from all thoughts that come along while practicing.

Observe your emotions and thoughts, but do not pass any judgment. Practitioners believe that if you focus your attention entirely on one thing, you can see past any overpowering emotions. With that, you achieve the state of meditation quicker.

So, how do we perceive mindfulness vs. meditation? Despite claims that mindfulness vs. meditation is an entirely separate concept to consider, these two blend well. However, there is still one main difference between the two. Mainly, meditation is a larger umbrella that includes any practice helping humans attain concentration, and consciousness.

Therefore, mindfulness is mindfulness meditation that has very similar tenets to the other forms of meditation.

Simple Mindfulness vs Mindfulness Meditation: The Similarities and Differences

We have established a clear line between mindfulness vs. meditation. Now, it’s time to differentiate simple mindfulness from the latter.

Simple mindfulness means being more attentive or conscious of your actions. Also, you need to pay attention to your behaviors and how they might affect others. But, simple mindfulness doesn’t go beyond the observable. There isn’t necessarily any mental effort made to better impact others’ lives.

On the other hand, mindfulness meditation always strives to achieve self-regulating. Through this, you are able to attain a better level of consciousness. When successfully practiced, you become more mindful of others. Furthermore, you become more loving, patient, and compassionate. In short, this is mindfulness not only in thought but, most importantly, in action.

Mindfulness Meditation versus Concentration Meditation

Understanding how mindfulness works is one thing, but being able to actually put it into practice is another. In truth, it can be a very demanding practice as it requires you to quiet your mind. This can be a challenge to many and can take years to master.

This is where concentration meditation helps. It involves focusing your attention on a single object. This helps you stabilize your attention and relax. The method is great for practitioners who are still in the beginning stages of meditating. It is a simple and reliable method, on which the advanced practice of mindfulness depends a lot.

Mindfulness Meditation versus Transcendental Meditation

There too is a difference between mindfulness and transcendental meditation. It is also a simple meditation technique that involves the silent repetition of a mantra. This sound, word or phrase isn’t just any other. It is personal to the practitioner and you always have a trained teacher to guide you.

The idea is to simply repeat the mantra until you attain deep relaxation and bring your mind into a profound resting state. Through this, you will achieve inner peace and transcend as a result.

This method is simple, as there is no need to concentrate on any physical effort when conducting it.


Mindfulness meditation differs from simple mindfulness in many essential ways. The latter is an everyday-life thing. At the same time, mindfulness involves more concentration and urges you to to be goal-oriented.

Furthermore, there still are questions and issues on how to practice mindfulness the right way because there is no one-for-all technique. Dedicating yourself to it might be a challenge, yes. But, having such power over your mind and actions can be very rewarding for yourself and others. Understanding meditation vs.mindfulness is all about adopting and following through the meditation technique that works best for you.