10 Easy Mindfulness Exercises You Can Do in the Office

mindfulness exercises

Nowadays, the mind is continually undergoing through a lot of work, making people feel more emotional, stressed and at times aghast. Daily, workers have to spend eight hours or more dealing with emails, the boss’s requests, and even the clients’ demands. Due to this, many employees feel harassed and haggard. In such cases, it is advisable that workers have to do mindfulness exercises or meditation.

According to a recent study, stress is considered as the health epidemic of the 21st century. With that, it greatly affects the worker’s performance at work.

In order to help you relieve work-related stress, here is what can help. 

10 Easy Mindfulness Exercises to do While at Work
  1. Mindful Appreciation

First of all, this is as simple as taking time to appreciate the good things in your life. If work pulls you down, one can simply take a break and start the mindful appreciation. Because of this, mindful appreciation is one of the mindfulness exercises to do at work that does not need much time or heavy equipment.

When negativity strikes, work performance is greatly affected. Therefore, a 5-minute mindful appreciation exercise can make a difference. So, here are a few things you can do:

  • First, make an appreciation list.
  • Second, think of all the good things that happened in your life to outweigh the bad ones.
  • Next, use your senses to appreciate life. What things do you enjoy watching? What is your favorite smell and taste? Take the time to remember the things you love hearing.
  1. Take a walk.

Taking a short break after a tedious schedule is helpful in easing your mind. Walking is good exercise. It will help you stretch after long hours of sitting down. Recently, many companies have adopted the walking meetings instead of the usual indoor meetings. Mindfulness at work exercises employees’ freedom to toil and enjoy. Walking meetings offer a lot of benefits to many employees.

  • Improves employees’ physical health.
  • Boosts employees’ energy at work.
  • Inspires employees to work more, thus increase productivity.
  • Develops camaraderie.
  1. Breathing Exercise

Breathing is one of the meditation techniques that can be done anytime and anywhere. It can be a good way to teach people how to practice mindfulness. You can do mindful breathing within a few minutes. All you need is a good place and position to relax.

  • Sit or lie in the most comfortable position you can have.
  • Focus on your breathing – the inhales and the exhales. Feel what it is like to breathe.
  • Reflect on your situation. Breathe in the positive aspects of life and breathe out the negative ones.
  1. Do mindful observation.

Productivity at work is affected when employees can’t focus and daydream a lot. To take your mind to the present situation, meditating is a good way. There are various fun mindfulness exercises to try in the office. One of that is the mindful observation. This type of mindfulness meditation does not need much of your time. Just observe the things around you and appreciating their beauty.

  • Pick an object to observe. It can be anything in nature or people around you.
  • Focus on it and let your mind relax.
  • Allow your mind to enjoy all its features until you can relax and meditate.
  1. Body Scan Meditation

Body scan meditation allows you to explore and assess every part of your body. This has something to do with relaxation and breathing. People sitting for long hours are prone to muscle aches and stressed minds. Learn how to practice mindfulness while relaxing your body from head to toe.

  • Sit or lie comfortably.
  • Start being aware of your body. Starting from the toe to your head, make a body scan to determine which part is stressed.
  • When you can find those body parts, focus on them while doing a good breathing exercise. Enjoy scanning the body and relaxing them.
  1. Perform mindfulness eating.

When people are stressed, they tend to eat more and eat faster. One way to learn how to practice mindfulness is observed in the way you eat. Experts suggest that eating must also be done mindfully. Mindful eating is like having a healthy diet but being aware of the food itself. It is about listening to your body and your stomach. There are many ways to develop mindful eating habits.

  • Eat slowly and allow your body to catch up with your mind. Feel the taste of food in your mouth and chew them slowly. In this case, you have time to appreciate food and enjoy at the same time.
  • Have a healthy eating environment. Avoid eating in a place that can only make you stress.
  • Eat food, not stories.  Eat the food your body needs and not the food that is the word of mouth in the office.
  • Give your full attention to your plate. Focus on the food and be aware of where the food comes from.
  1. Mindful mini-break.

Initially, forget the emails for a while. As you know, sometimes reading them can only make you feel drained and stressed. Instead, turn away from the computer and start a short break. During the break, meditate on yourself and do some mindful exercises like asking yourself questions or doing the five senses meditation.

  • Listen to the sounds around you.
  • Close your eyes and start smelling your environment.
  • Open your eyes again and look for the wonderful things around you.
  • If you have some snacks on your table, it would be better to take a bite with those. One form of mindfulness meditation is the raisin exercise. So, you can stock some raisins in your workplace.
  • Then feel the things around you and appreciate them.
  1. Self-Inquiry Meditation

For starters, ask yourself some deep questions that can help in your meditation. While it is a very simple method, it is one of the most powerful and creative mindfulness exercises. Next, ask yourself these questions and meditate on it:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose here?
  • What makes up my inner self?

Ultimately, all these questions will allow you to dive deep into your inner self. Surely, the main goal of this is to bring awareness to yourself and to develop your concentration on your surroundings.

  1. Experience nature.

The best and easiest way to relax a stressed mind is by looking at the beautiful nature. For instance, stand up and leave your table for a few minutes and take a deep breath in a place where there are plants. In fact, plants are a good provider of oxygen and energy. Also, do some breathing exercises while enjoying the wonders of nature.

  1. Make stress your best friend.

If you can’t beat them, befriend them. Instead of hating stress and getting enslaved by it, welcome and embrace it. As psychologist Kelly McGonigal presented, stress affects hundreds of people every day. According to her, making stress your friend will make you more confident to do the job and handle the pressure.


All in all, there are many mindfulness exercises to do at work. Basically, it all depends on your preference. But, be careful, as stress is a silent killer. For this reason, both employers and employees must make sure to instill meditation in the office. Because in the end, a healthy worker means a better productivity.

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