Here’s How Becoming a Leader Can Increase Your Spiritual Growth

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When we talk about leadership and spirituality in conjunction with each other, we think of Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, etc. However, this can also extend to military leaders managing their troops and CEOs supervising their businesses. In fact, you don’t have to be a leader of a church to be a spiritual leader. So what do you need? Well, leadership prayers for business can be the essence of a successful business.

The term leadership can refer to the community, religious, or political leadership. Whatever kind of leadership it is, many experts claim that it can nurture one’s spiritual growth. Here are the different ways of using leadership prayers which increase your spiritual growth.

Leadership Prayers in Becoming a Spiritual Businessman

Great leadership can be described in various ways. When asked about what makes a great leader, many answers would be heard. In the TED talk done by Roselinde Torres, she shared some crucial questions that would test the leadership ability of wannabe CEOs in the future. According to her survey, a 21st-century leader is global, transparent, digitally enabled, and innovative. Overall, here are the characters of a leader as agreed by many experts.

  1. Integrity

Considered as one of the top attributes of a great leader, integrity allows a person to think honestly and live according to his conscience. If the leader has integrity, he can build trust with his people.

  1. Confidence

Confidence is the key to leadership. Without it, a person has no ability to lead people. When speaking to people, self-confidence helps a person deliver his intentions well. If he is confident, he can make good decisions for the company. This will result in appreciation and respect from his peers and subordinates.

  1. Passion

A passionate person is ready to take a risk and try things which he thinks will benefit everyone. Passion is like a fire that motivates the person to work. A great leader should have the passion and the commitment to make his business good. Passion and honest leadership prayers for business are also one of the steps to spiritual growth.

  1. Good Communication Skill

It is essential for a great leader to be able to convey his intentions well to his colleagues. With good communication skill, not only he can speak well, but he can also learn to listen. Words are powerful in the world of business. A good communicator makes a good leader.

  1. Innovation

21st-century leaders emphasize the importance of being creative and innovative. In today’s fast-paced world, a person must learn to innovate in order to keep up with the latest trends.

These are only a few of the important characteristics of a great leader.  To have all these qualities means to have the opportunity to become a great leader. However, being a leader does not only need a mental or a physical attribute, it also requires spiritual quality.

5 Ways Leadership Prayers Can Make You Grow Spiritually

Being a leader means having both the head, heart, and hand in supervising people. One should be smart, hardworking, and empathetic. If you wish to develop your skills in these aspects, seeking a leadership position is one of the best things you can do. Most importantly, being a leader can also help you develop spiritual growth, especially when you know how to pray. Here are ways leadership prayers can make you grow spiritually.  

  1. Develop faith in yourself

Faith is connected to leadership as a good leader should have confidence in his own belief. Good leaders have to trust not only themselves but also the people under their supervision. Having faith is trusting yourself so that others will trust you. Finding who you are is one of the keys to spiritual growth. Once a person can do this, he will hold onto his belief and principles, which will guide him to become an effective leader. Learning how to pray can also strengthen a person’s faith.

  1. Encourage selfless decisions

Leaders have to make decisions that can lead to the betterment of his group or company. Decision-making is a crucial part of managing a company. Also, to decide well and produce a promising result, leaders learn to listen to his people. This nurtures both the spiritual growth and personal development of a person.

  1. Nurtures humility

A good leader learns how to lend their ears to their people. He must be modest and considerate towards other people’s view and opinion. Being on top can encourage leaders to be humble. Being hated and neglected by juniors are signs that you are not a good leader.

  1. Flourishes perseverance

A good leader never says never. Being hardworking is one of the qualities that make up a great leader. When the subordinates see that the leader is perseverant, then they would do the same thing. Persevering allows them to face any obstacle and solve problems.

  1. Promotes empathy

A spiritual leader knows how to consider other people’s emotion. He puts himself on the shoe of other people. Although it is not easy, it can develop selflessness. Empathy is considered to help develop spiritual growth since a person will think of other people’s welfare.


It is true that a leader is made and not born. A person can develop leadership skills through various experiences. Meanwhile, spiritual growth can be achieved by learning how to pray and offering leadership prayers for business. The road towards spirituality may be rough. However, once successfully achieved, it will help you become a successful business leader.