5 Essential Fitness Studies to Revolutionize Your Practice

fitness studies

Presently, fitness and everything surrounding it, has acquired an amount of popularity. Naturally, there is a very good reason why this is so. Fitness, in any shape or form, is one of the best ways to activate the body. But, it’s not just that simple. Behind exercise stands a whole philosophy of preserving the health and making better life choices. And yes, this philosophy is based on attainable fitness studies.

In modern-day time, new fitness studies have only boosted its reputation. Today, we’ll present the top research and studies done on fitness.  Trust us, this is something you need to educate yourself on.

Top 5 Fitness Studies You Need to Know of
  1. Amount of fitness needed

Frontiers in PhysiologyOpens a New Window recently did a very smart fitness-related study. The study itself involved a plentiful of CrossFitters. Furthermore, all of them underwent a two-day high-intensity workout. As a result, all applicants showed reduced cytokines levels.  To be clearer, these are white blood cells’ proteins that prevent inflammation altogether. In other words, we are not telling you to be lazy. We are just showing you that a day of rest can be a gift sent from heaven, health-wise and otherwise. Ultimately, the study itself suggests a day of rest following a two-day practice.

  1. Supplements

Emphasizing your workout is possible. But, until that happens, supplements are your new best friends. Why? As per a study Loading up on a pre-workout supplement may help you hit an anaerobic workout harder, says a small study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports NutritionOpens a New Window.

While placebo turned out to be ineffective, caffeine-rich pills enabled a boost in performance. Supplements are best taken 20 minutes before hitting the gym. Make sure you combine the style of practice as well. You can always mix styles, in order to empower your practice and impact all body muscles.

Still, be peaky about your supplement, and always pay attention to labels. Ideally, yours will be enriched in caffeine, creatine, arginine, B vitamins, and beta-alanine.

  1. Cycling Caution

If you love riding your bike for life, be mindful of high temperatures. Yes, there is a study on it, as well. The study suggests that the best way to beat the heat when cycling is to encourage yourself with a positive attitude.

  1. Beef up Your Bicep Curl

A study uncovered that bicep curls can easily lead to a muscle tore or injury. Because of this, a medium range of motion works better. With this, the study elaborated on how to activate bicep curl, while avoiding an injury or effect-less workout at the same time.  So, every time you move that shoulder, remember that technique us far more important than weight.

  1. Weights

A modern-day study showed that muscle doesn’t really affect the weight of your burden. In fact, those who manage lighter weights are likelier to have more of a muscle definition. When you lift plenty of weight, you prevent the body from paying attention to details. In addition, this can lead to an improper posture and a possible injury. The study itself is very interesting to analyze. It basically says that lightweight lifters formed a muscle definition in 12 weeks. Contrary to this, those who lifted heavier weights only got the job done by 90 percent.

Each group did the same amount of reps as well, from 20 to 25. With such intensity, heavy-lifters were unable to amount to the same level as those who lifter lighter weights.


All fitness studies listed above prove that exercise does do the body a favor. Aside from changing the way you work out, it also focuses on your mood. At the same time, it boosts your performance and well-being. Then, it empowers your immunity. It gives you focus and perception. It pushes you to the limits. But that is exactly the beauty of fitness…feeling like your true, inner self every time you get sweating. And truth be told, no other feeling can surpass it.

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