7 Fitness Myths Busted: Here’s the Final Verdict!

fitness myths

Misconceptions and myths related to fitness are nothing new to the scene. Some might even say fitness myths have increased once the practice was emphasized as healthy and relevant. The truth is, there are countless information and confusions surrounding fitness. But, how do we distinguish what’s true, from what’s not? Well, as every other person curious about fitness, we did some digging. And, what we found are 7 very popular myth on fitness, which we now have solved. Read on.

7 Fitness Myths that Might be Interfering with Your Practice
Myth 1: It’s sufficient to work out once or twice per week

Verdict: Not true.

According to experts, exercising once or twice per week won’t do you any good. While it is okay to work out, you need to do it at least three times a week. Ultimately, this regime will give you the best health benefits.

Myth 2: Workouts in the morning are the most productive.

Verdict: Not true.

Of all fitness myths, this might be the most ridiculous one yet. Exercising should always be adapted to your schedule. So whether you are a morning person or not, you can adjust your training accordingly. Some people enjoy the gym loneliness in the evening. Others prefer swimming in the morning. Truly, as long as you are active, the time is irrelevant.

Myth 3: Lifting weights adds muscle while eliminating fat

Verdict: Not true.

As simple as it may sound, fat cannot be transformed into muscle. In fact, these tissues have nothing in common. Fat deposits create a deposit just beneath the skin and around important organs. At the same time, muscle tissue doesn’t affect fat whatsoever.

Through fitness, you can increase muscle tissue, but build it up around the fat tissue. Unfortunately, weight lifting will not help you get rid of fat. So, what you need to do instead is introduce a healthier diet, which will break down fat more effectively. Many foods, such as olive oil and fish, can help you dispose of excess fats. At the same time, fitness will firm and define your body, leaving you fit and fat-free.

Myth 4: Playing games boosts the brain the most

Verdict: Not true.

Despite sounding odd, fitness is far better for the brain than your regular mind-boosting game. Many studies have so far recognized how fitness helps the brain stay more active and perform better. But, that doesn’t mean that puzzles won’t do you any good. To the contrary, combining these two activities into one regular routine will empower your brain like never before.

Myth 5: Fitness is perfect for losing weight

Verdict: Not true.

Losing weight depends on many factors. Although there is a great shadow hanging above one of the greatest fitness myths today, we are about to enlighten you. Losing weight has a lot to do with fitness, but not in its entirety. Aside from working out, an optimal lifestyle must be incorporated first. This means that fitness alone won’t get you those extra pounds off your belly.

Instead, try to eat better and make sure you sleep enough. Once all these practices are combined well together, you can expect favorable weight loss results.

Myth 6: With sit-ups to the perfect abs

Truth: Not entirely true.

Sit-ups do help lose the belly. However, they are not as effective as other forms of exercises. Unlike sit-ups, planks can do your abs a bigger favor. In fact, planks work on your abs, but from different angles – your sides, front, and your back.

Myth 7: Only men can lift weights

Truth: Not true.

The gender gap has taken its toll on fitness as well. As a result, this has become one of the most absurd fitness myths to date. Gender has nothing to do with the way you train. If you are keen on lifting weight, you can do so regardless if you are a male or a female. The human body is designed to deal with the heaviness of objects, and both sexes can achieve it with a committed practice.