6 Fitness Mistakes You Need to Stop Repeating

fitness mistakes

There is not a shadow of a doubt that fitness is one of the best things you can do for your body. But, while many love fitness, in many shapes and forms, they’re unable to get it quite right. Say you hit the gym. If you are inexperienced and a beginner, you will always need help. That is, if you are not vain, of course. Fitness mistakes happen. What’s more, they happen even to the best.

But, the relevant thing here is to start learning from them. And even though you might not be aware, you could be still doing something wrong. For that, we’ll list the biggest fitness mistakes you can do nowadays, without even knowing.

6 Biggest Fitness Mistakes that Interfere with Your Practice
  1. The more, the better!

Beginners oftentimes overestimate their bodies’ abilities. While a hardcore workout will give you some effect, chances are, you’re going for an injury. So, instead of forcing your body to learn, allow it to get accustomed as well. The amount of workout should always be favorable to your body’s type and endurance level, so don’t push your luck. The ideal timeframe spent in the gym? About 45 minutes will do if you are just starting out.

  1. Intense cardio burns more fats

For many, it is all about losing fat. However, that is not how it all works. While cardio training will give you endurance, you will not burn fat so effectively. So, what can you do? Aside from cardio, make sure to lift plenty of weights. Weights will get you to your dream body, muscle definition and all.

  1.  Stopping fitness altogether before giving your body a chance

Among many fitness mistakes, this may be the biggest in impact. It usually takes up to three months to see first body changes. However, impatience takes its toll on many fitness practitioners. Many simply don’t believe that, in time, their body will change. This is a very discouraging technique to skip fitness altogether. At the same time, it is a degrading one as well. Therefore, be stronger than your resistance. Teach your body to listen to thoughts of encouragement.  And soon enough, it will follow your lead.

  1. Spending time on the scale

Stop it, seriously! Your fitness journey should be all about evolving, getting stronger and feeling better. Do you really need a scale to measure that? Can it measure it, really? Not really, no. Of course, scaling yourself occasionally is fine, but other indications might help you, too. Do you feel lighter? Do your clothes fit the same? It’s the little things you ignore, which make the whole difference. And no scale can measure feeling good about yourself.

  1. Being obsessed with lifting goals

Why deal with numbers in the first place? This is one of those fitness mistakes everyone makes. Being overly interested in how much you lift can be dangerous for your emotional and physical health. You exhaust your brain too much, thinking it’s not doing enough. The best way to amend this is to train, leaving your ego at home. Learn about your muscles, and indulge them. In due time, your body will crave more weight on its own.

  1. Switching up your diet suddenly

Among many fitness mistakes you make, are vices as well. Whether it is food, cigarettes or a sweet tooth, vices take time to let go. So, how does one do it right? Food-wise, it is best you start taking things slowly. Eliminate foods that are most harmful to your health first. Allow yourself a cheat day. Don’t be harsh on yourself. It’s the simple things that will prevent you from doing fitness mistakes like these.


Fitness mistakes change as we become more knowledgeable. Therefore, be kind to your body. Allow progress to happen. Work for it, but don’t put yourself at risk. It is all happening, you just have to trust your inner voice.