10 Fitness Essentials to Always Carry on You for the Perfect Workout!

Fitness essentials

When it comes to fitness, what’s your preference? Oh, I’m sure there are so many to choose from. From yoga to cardio and hitting the gym, fitness knows no limits. But, as every practice differs from the next, respective fitness essentials do as well. Therefore, we would like to present you with a list of fitness ‘musts’ you should have on you, depending on your workout.  

10 Fitness Essentials to Always Have by Your Side during Workouts
  1. Mat

Mats are fitness essential for many practices, but yoga in general. Mats offer support, balance, and lightness, which empower your yoga journey even further. For that, always make sure you choose a mat that is comfortable and practical at the same time. Easy to carry around, mats are a match made in heaven for many fitness lovers!

  1. Timer

Timers are usually used in interval training but can find their purpose in other forms of fitness, too. Whether you are cycling, jogging or swimming, a timer always comes in handy. Aside from being practical, it gives you track of your time spent training.

  1. Leather flats

If you are keen on barefoot activities, such as wrestling or karate, these flats come more than recommended. Easy to wear, light and pleasant on the feet, leather flats will give you both comfort and support. These can be used in many fitness activities, so don’t limit yourself!

  1. Core ball

Much like yoga, many other fitness activities mainly focus on the core. The ideal way to improve your core is with a core ball. But, the ball is not core-based alone. It is also intended to keep the lower back safe and in check and can be used to shape your legs muscles, as well. As it deflates easily, you can take your core ball anywhere!

  1. Resistance band

If you like feeling the burn but don’t fancy lifting weights, resistance bands are the ideal alternative. Resistance bands are amazing, as they stimulate all body muscles, during respective exercises. These practice fitness miracles are great for those who like intensity but don’t care for the gym. Whether you are at the park or downtown, resistance bands will give you that extra push you need.

  1. Elevation Ladder

Care to improve your agility? Look no more and trust your elevation ladder to get you there. Easy to install, a ladder such as this will keep your muscles responsive and in check. Make sure you use the ladder in levels and slow down near the end of your practice.

  1. Water bottle

Needless to say, water bottles are one of the most relevant fitness essentials. Regardless of the type of practice you do, you should always make sure to carry at least one water bottle with you.

  1. A foam roller

Again, another of the many useful fitness essentials you might need. This is not just a yoga prop, and you can use it in other forms of fitness.  Among other uses, a foam roller will prevent any muscle or tissue injuries as well. Foam rollers also improve circulation, stiffness, and mobility issues. Make sure you find a smaller and more compact foam roller and always have it on you.

  1. A shampoo bottle

Yes, hygiene matters as well. With so many brands to choose from, a practically-sized shampoo bottle with help you look fresh after each workout. Always go for shampoos which do not irritate the skin and an oceanic scent. Because, hey, nothing tops a good showering session, right?

  1. Personal items bag

Aside from your backpack, it is important that you always carry a few other things as well. Some of these include a towel, a mirror, a phone charger, headphones, a speaker, and a change of apparel.

It is safe to say that, with all these fitness essentials in your backpack, you are about ready to empower your fitness journey. And here we are, wishing you all the best on your journey