Fitness Activities that Work the Best for Your Age!

fitness activities

In today’s fast-paced society, fitness is an essential element to keep you on track. Aside from changing your body physically and for the better, fitness also impacts your mental health. Being so healthy, there is a variety of fitness activities to choose from.

Based on your age, it is important that you learn which activity works for your body and mind the best. Today, we will list some of the most recommended fitness activities that correspond to every age.

Best Fitness Activities for Every Stage of Life
  1. Children aged 6-17

Fitness experts urge to always start your kids moving young. This is very important, given the electronic devices’ exposure they’re facing daily. From TV to computers, tablets, and smartphones, kids get easily addicted.  Because of this, fitness is truly important during childhood.

Through fitness, many experts confirm that children learn plenty. First, they learn how to take care of their bodies, preventing all symptoms of obesity. Next, they learn to share, stay committed and never give up. On the long run, all these qualities will be essential for your child’s development.

As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains it, all kids need 60 minutes of activity daily. This can include a variety of physical engagements. Walking, running or playing a sport can truly help your child break out of his or her shell. Some children enjoy being pushed, so feel free to experiment with pushups and sit-ups. In time, these exercises will help your child grow stronger, more resistant and always fit.

  1. Adults aged 18-64

Much like children, adults need physical activity as well. If you were active in your youth, it is relevant you maintain that level of exercise further on. In case you skipped your childhood years, this is your chance to do fitness justice.

Every adult works differently and has different needs. However, experts in fitness agree that each grown individual needs 2.5 hours of exercise. This exercise can be moderate, or it can also be dynamic. Combining these two types of workouts will help you stay healthy and engaged at all times. Exercise is very important for adults, as it prevents many health issues. Oftentimes, these have to do with diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels, heart problems, and more.

What is recommended?

Adults also respond differently to different situations. Due to this, some might find swimming appealing, while others will go jogging. Again, aerobics and cardio exercises are very important for adults to practice. Therefore, it is best if you can divide your days right, practicing a bit of everything.

Some of the fitness activities you can try to include recreational bike riding, cycling, playing tennis or more. These are considered moderate exercises which keep your body going. If you want to elevate your adult fitness practice, here is what you can do. Doing yoga, pushups or weight lifting are just some of the ways you can encourage your body to work harder. With this, you’ll strengthen your immunity, bone structure, and overall mood.

  1. Seniors aged 65 and counting

For seniors, the fitness intensity will significantly drop. But, this does not mean it would be completely abandoned. In fact, seniors need physical training more than adults or children. This is because older age raises your health awareness. The bones are particularly fragile in older adults. Therefore, researchers found that 2.5 hours of practice a week can really help you stay fit.

Some of the most beneficial activities seniors can do, are both engaging and moderate. Walking and swimming are some of the best ways to get your body working, even past your glory years. Also, if you were ever a cyclist, there’s no reason that your journey should stop now.


Fitness activities do wonders for the human body, regardless of its age. Therefore, make sure you always listen to your physique, giving it all it needs. Work hard, train harder, and give yourself the chance for an effortless longevity.


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