6 Stress Management Breathing Exercises that Work Like a Charm!

Stress Management Breathing Exercises

Oh, the world of stress! Is there anything more unbearable than this? Well, if you are struggling with stress, let us help you out. Today, we will list 6 effective stress management breathing exercises, bound to leave you stress-free! When it comes to stress, we often forget how important breathing is. Therefore, let’s manage stress better than ever before, and learn how breathing helps in the process.

What to Know Ahead of Time?

Breathing is largely incorporated in yoga or any other form of physical activity. However, there are several things you have to keep in mind first. First, find a place that oozes comfort and freedom. Even at your office, take 10 minutes of your day and start breathing. Also, never force a breath, as you may hurt the airways and lungs. Repeat the same practice once to twice per day. Wear comfortable clothes at home, or take off your shoes at work. For busier days, you can do these exercises in a few minutes as well.

6 Stress Management Breathing Exercises against Stress
  1. Learn to Breathe

We tend to always take short breaths. Of course, this is a wrong way to eliminate stress from the body. First of all, ease yourself into the practice. You can sit, lie down or even stand up. For extra support, use a pillow to support your knees or waist. Begin breathing through the nose. Take deep and meaningful breaths. Allow the air to reach your belly. Hold your breath for a moment. Then, release the breath through the nose. Keep in mind the tempo of your breath and don’t rush.

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  1. Belly Breathing

Start by placing one palm on your belly. The other palm goes to your chest. Of course, this will help you monitor your breathing and eliminate stress. Begin by inhaling deeply. Here, the goal is to feel your belly rise. Once you exhale, empty out the belly entirely. The palm on your chest should not move. Repeat the breathing technique three times. Soon enough, this simple stress management skill will keep you energized and in a good mood.

  1. Directing the Breath

Stress management breathing exercises like imagination. Therefore, envision yourself at a place that brings you peace. Close your eyes and focus on the virtual image in mind. Use deep breaths while finding your happy place. Also, imagine pleasant smells and aromas in the air you breathe. Incredibly, this helps with stress management instantly. Focus on the imaginary smell and breathe. Release your breath and visualize stress leaving your body. If you want, you can also add a mantra that helps you with stress management. Practice this for 10 minutes.

  1. Take Your Time while Breathing

Stress management breathing exercises are all about timing. Accordingly, this means that you should take enough time to inhale as you do to exhale. Both processes are important when you practice stress relief. Get comfortable in your chair or bed. Inhale through your nose. Count to five while doing it. Stop for a moment and start exhaling. Again, count to five while you exhale. Repeat as much as needed.

  1. Relax the Muscles

The point of this exercise is to soothe the muscles while breathing. Usually, we feel the tension in our shoulders, neck or back. Through breathing, you will make stress management more successful and your muscles more relaxed. First, lie of the floor. Start taking a couple of deep breaths to calm the body. Next, inhale deeply, and engage the feet. Exhale. Engage the calf muscles. Exhale and release the calves. Continue engaging the legs, stomach, chest, fingers, neck, and face.

  1. A Lion’s Breath

Here is where your voice matters the most. Start by sitting comfortably. Then, start inhaling deep breaths through the nose. Stop for a moment and let go of the breath. While letting go, release an audible sound just like a roar. The intensity and vibrations of your voice will help you with stress management instantly. Finally, repeat a few times.

Ultimately, these stress management breathing exercises are easy and effective to do. Practicing them daily will contribute to a better quality of life, erasing all traces of stress.