Is 5G Technology a Threat to Human Kind?

health threats of 5G

Due to technological advancements, the 5G network now delivers ultra-low latency, better data speeds, and a more reliable connection. But, with it, science is certain there are numerous health threats of 5G to take into consideration as well.

Despite the vast improvement in network performance compared to the last network upgrade, 5G is not a naïve concept at all.

Here’s everything to know about the health threats of 5G.

What are the health threats of 5G?

To start with, underlying concerns about 5G mainly lie in electromagnetic radiation. Take note, exposure to EMFs is no longer a new phenomenon.

However, these days, there has been a very dramatic exposure, especially to man-made sources. That said, more people expose themselves to EMF, thus putting their health at risk.

The health threats of 5G are part of many applications. These include transmission of electric current, use of industrial equipment and appliances, and even broadcasting.

In all of our bodies, there is electricity present even when we expose ourselves to chemical reactions. This is true even if there is no application of external fields. On this account, processes like digestion and brain activity might be disrupted. In fact, even your heart has active electrical charges which can only be traced with the use of an electrocardiogram.

The Appeal

Doctors and scientists have signed to an appeal for a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G for telecommunication. The appeal was first launched on September 13, 2017. By May 8, 2020, around 372 doctors and scientists have signed to the appeal.

5G will greatly intensify the exposure to RF-EMF or radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in front of the Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc. The radiofrequency electromagnetic fields by this time have shown harmful effects on humans and the environment.

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Increase of Exposure to Wireless Radiation

5G technology only works effectively in a short distance. And because it is transmittable across solid material, it needs the installation of several new antennas for a full-scale implementation. So, expect around 10 to 12 antennas in urban areas which thereby increases the mandatory exposure to wireless radiation substantially.

With the increasing patronage of wireless technology, everyone is at risk of exposure. With installing new antennas, there will be about 10-20 billion connections which can increase RF-EMF exposure in EU citizens.

Harmful Effects of RF-EMF

The detrimental effects of RF-EMF exposure are obvious and omnipresent. In fact, over 230 scientists from 40 different countries have conveyed their utmost concern regarding the increasing exposure to EMF. In addition, they show the effects of EMF on living organisms. These harmful effects include exposure to free radicals, cancer, neurological disorders, reproductive system issues, and genetic damages. Some of the other health risks also include learning and memory deficits and unconstructive impacts on general well-being. Obviously, RF-EMF doesn’t only affect humans, as evidence shows the exposure can also be harmful to both plants and animals.

The IARC also noted that EMF at frequencies of 30 kHz up to 300 GHz can increase cancer risks.

In fact, after writing the appeal, additional research has confirmed the detrimental effects of RF-EMF fields from wireless technology. The National Toxicology Program or NTP shows a substantial increase in the frequency of brain and heart cancer on animals exposed to EMF under the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Guidelines. These results also confirm the human epidemiological studies on radiofrequency radiation and brain tumor risk.

According to the 2016 EUROPA EM-EMF Guideline, long-term EMF exposure increases the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and male infertility. The most common electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms include sleep problems, headaches, depression, fatigue, lack of energy, and difficulty in concentration.

More Europeans suffer various health symptoms due to exposure to wireless radiation and EMF. According to the International Scientific Declaration, the EHS and MCS deserve validation as medical conditions that impact our health.

A Word to the Wise

The lack of attention and action regarding radiation exposure puts society in danger. Thus, the scientists’ and doctors’ appeal to the health threats of 5G should be prioritized and taken into utmost consideration.

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IS RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating the case.