Health threatening effects of phone EMF radiations

Smartphones have become such an integral part of our lifestyle that it is hard to imagine a single day without them. This indispensable device has revolutionized the way we communicate around the globe. The innumerable features of smartphones, ranging from instant money transfer facilities to fun games, have made them a necessity these days. Our generation has become so hooked on to smartphones that every time we hear a vibration or get a notification, we cannot keep our hands off it.

cell phone radiation protection

According to a report published by Morning side Recovery Rehabilitation Center, most Americans spend approximately 144 minutes using their smartphone in a 16-hour time period. There is no denying that these devices have made our life more luxurious and comfortable, but they have seriously damaging effects on the health of users as well. The negative effects of electromagnetic radiations emitted by cell phones are a serious concern, especially for kids. Here are some of the potential injuries that can occur due to lack of cell phone radiation protection:-

Disrupts brain wave patterns

Cell phones are an important component of modern telecommunication systems. Researchers have been studying the impact of radiofrequency radiations on cognitive function of the brain for several years. Long term exposure to such radiations has a significant impact on the electrical activity of the brain, heart rate, and blood pressure. People who use mobile phones all day have a greater chance of brain tumors and cancer.

Results in depression and anxiety

Excess exposure to EMF radiations emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi, laptops, tablets, etc has been linked to negative psychiatric symptoms. People who feel a compulsive need to check their mobile phone every hour show higher symptoms of depression and anxiety. Our body requires an appropriate balance of neurotransmitters for proper functioning. Excess exposure to EMF radiations emitted by cell phones interferes with the balance of these neurotransmitters and often results in an unstable mood, de-motivation, loss inability to focus, and anxiety.

Sleep disturbances and fatigue

Melatonin is associated with the regulation of sleep patterns in humans. Researchers have concluded that cell phone EMF radiations cause a dip in the secretion of melatonin, which affects the sleeping patterns of individuals.

Opting for a radiation protection shield for cell phones, laptops, etc is a smart choice for escaping the harmful consequences of EMF radiations. These shields act as an effective barrier and reduce the possibility of occurrence of any disorder. These shields work on all electronic appliances and cellular devices.

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