Health effects of electromagnetic fields on children

Health effects of electromagnetic fields on children

Health effects of electromagnetic fields on children: Did you know electromagnetic field sensitivity can cause sever headaches, chronic fatigue, impaired concentration, insomnia, vomiting, or fibromyalgia? By electromagnetic hypersensitivity, the WHO refers to an “idiopathic environmental intolerance”, which began to manifest itself in this century. Symptoms and consequences of being in permanent contact with mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi networks, and other “essentials” of modern life.

Health effects of electromagnetic fields on children:

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, according to the World Health Organization is “an idiopathic environmental bias with magnetic fields attribution”. We can talk about a rare, environmental disease that begins to manifest itself in this century.

These alterations produce poor quality of life and can define certain electromagnetic diseases. The radiations are non-ionizing, and act by accumulation, by oxidative stress. And those who suffer from it, present symptoms such as headaches, poor sleep hygiene, fatigue, and irritability.

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Also, some people experience non-specific neuralgia, nausea, vertigo, balance disturbance, hearing disorders, and itching, among others.

The ailments are given by exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)that derived from mobile phone antennas, Wi-Fi networks, appliances, computers, tablets, etc.

Research :

The WHO and the National Cancer Institute (INC) categorized them as “possibly cancerous”. But many studies are trying to arrive at the (measurable) probability and other studies say that they are directly carcinogenic.

It should be remembered that exposure to electromagnetic fields is not a recent or new phenomenon. We live in a terrestrial magnetic field (with solar radiation, the same that reaches us is much greater than that received from any telephone antenna).

Today in modern life, mobile, electrical storms, and all internal devices within our home, work is also hazardous. Their signals can interfere with certain electronic medical devices. All of these devices should prohibite since radiofrequency can be fatal.

But let’s remember that we always live continuously with by tablets and cell phones. The use of mobile phones became universal. And we wake up with the phone, we communicate through it, and work with it. There are many nights that we stay awake. For some query, or doubt and in the case of losing it or not having a signal, aggression, hysteria and the obsession invades us.

The damage that new technology can trigger to our health is a big concern. There are studies and many more underways to fully analyze the possible long-term effects. So, it is important to research, understand, and closely monitor the impact on general public health as well.

Between the radioelectric energy and the human body, there is an interaction, which is the heating of the tissues. Most of the energy absorbs by the skin and other superficial tissues.

Acoustic Neuroma :

Acoustic neuroma is a rare, non-malignant tumor that grows inside the head on the auditory. And balance nerves and can damage other brain structures as it grows, but fortunately, it is very slow-growing.

This nerve is also popular as the vestibulocochlear nerve and is located behind the ear, just below the brain, and is responsible for balance and hearing.

The most common symptom is decreased hearing, ringing, pain, or numbness on the side of the lump.

Acoustic neuroma is the most frequent tumor of the cerebellopontine angle (90%). It affects more women, being more frequent between 50 and 60 years of age. f you won’t diagnosis, it grows inside the internal auditory canal and extends to the cerebellopontine angle. And in extreme cases, it compresses the brainstem.

Generally, they must remove surgically or evaluate periodically for growth. According to a study, people who have used mobile phones for at least 10 years may have an increased risk of developing them.

A team of researchers from the Institute of Environmental Medicine at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, found an increase in these tumors on the side of the face.

The study included 150 patients with acoustic neuroma and 600 healthy people. That is just one of at least six investigations into the relationship between the use of cell phones and this disease.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • The device only transmits energy when it you turn it ON, so experts recommend to turn it off during rest.
  • The user’s exposure to radio frequencies decreases rapidly with increasing distance from the device. For this reason, experts recommend 30 to 40 cm distance from the body. For this, it is suggested to use hands-free, also taking care of hearing.
  • In hospitals, its use should be restricted, since radiofrequency signals could interfere with certain electronic medical devices and cause more damage.
  • The prohibition of use onboard aircraft is because they could also interfere with air navigation systems.
  • Limit the calls number and its duration.
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