Far Infrared Technology: Health Benefits and Findings

far infrared technology

There have been a lot of studies surrounding far infrared technology and its benefits to human health. Many medical studies and health research prove the beneficial effects of infrared light, particularly far-infrared (FIR) light. This is studied in terms of human growth, development, and even the medical properties of these rays to human ailments and diseases.

What is Far Infrared Technology?

The technology behind far-infrared (FIR) light waves to our health lies in the electromagnetic energy which comes in contact with our epidermis. However, there is more to receiving far-infrared frequencies to the development of human health and well-being.

Despite saying the benefits, the danger of high ultraviolet frequencies is high and can lead to serious health complications. Thus, healthcare institutions were developing technologies that only utilizes FIR light for use in providing medical treatments to certain human ailments.

The technology began with the research conducted by Sir William Herschel in the 19th century. The study explores the area of electromagnetic and light spectrum temperatures. Herschel discovered the variated temperatures in each spectrum from violet to red, including what is beyond the red color, and gave birth to the study of the infrared spectrum alongside all parts of the wavelength of light.

Infrared and Medicine.

It was only in 1965 when infrared technology arrived in the medical and healthcare fields. Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa, a physician from Japan, developed a thermal healing device made from zirconia ceramic. The device uses infrared to heat itself, thus treating illnesses revolving warmth, such as natal beds, and incubators.

This patent has been inspired by earlier studies on infrared technology and its application to heat up and heal the human body. Germany, China, and Japan were the first countries to develop technology. Soon, the US and other European countries have studied and make progress in understanding and harnessing FIR for medical and educational purposes.

Sources of Far Infrared Light.

The most notable source of FIR energy is the sunlight. Approximately 80% of the sun’s rays fall within the electromagnetic spectrum’s infrared range. Aside from the common belief that sunlight helps in the catalysis of Vitamin D in the body, the warmth it brings creates a soothing effect on the well-being of the person.

The warmth brought forth by the sun sinks as deep as 3.5 inches into the human body. This means that it reaches the bones, ligaments, muscles, and more. It thereby provides a soothing effect on the body, including the inner organs. However, sunlight still contains a significant value of ultraviolet (UV) rays, which harm the skin and cause other issues.

Also, studies surrounding the FIR energy and its benefits turned out more than fruitful.

If you put your palms closely even without touching it, you can feel the warmth emanating from them. This is one of the premises looked upon by medical studies on the healing effects of massages and intimate touches.

Apart from the aforementioned, far-infrared products also find their use in health and wellness centers.

Of course, there are other devices that emanate FIR frequencies, like magnetic therapy.

Far Infrared and Our Health.

Through the breakthroughs in medicine, especially alternative medicine, which focus on FIR to provide healthcare to everyone, many have come to appreciate its healing wonders. Nevertheless, there have been certain precautions and dangers on the use of FIR. These far-infrared rays dangers, however, do not escalate to significant figures.

However, electromagnetic-sensitive individuals like pregnant women may want to consult a healthcare provider should they wish to undergo therapies that make use of far infrared light.

FIR technology has continued to advance throughout the years. Many have already studied the properties of FIR to cure even the most severe illnesses and improve pain tolerance. With that, all these benefit the medical and wellness aspect of humans.

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