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Essential oils Sleep recipes

If you have been searching for Essential oils Sleep recipes, then you have arrived at the right place. Essential oils have been used for many purposes. Some of the best for sleep are lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, lemon essential oil and Cedarwood essential oil. Here are some essential oil mixes and formulas you can experiment with to enable you to sleep better. Mix the accompanying oils together to utilize specifically for a good night’s sleep.

Best Mixture for Essential oils Sleep recipes

Use15 drops lavender essential oil mix it with 5 drops frankincense oil, then add 6 drops orange essential oil plus 7 drops of geranium rose essential oil. Mix them thoroughly and apply it behind the ears or on the wrist. This mixture will absorb through your skin and allow you to fall asleep faster.

Blend #2

Use 3 drops rose oil with 2 drops lavender essential oil. This is the best mix to soothe your brain and release melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Essential Oil Sleep Blend #3

The citrusy smell of lemon is the best to fall asleep. You can mix 1 drop lemon essential oil with 2 drops orange essential oil and 1 drop frankincense oil for the best sleep.

Essential Oil Sleep Blend #4

3 drops of lavender essential oil mixed properly with 3 drops of orange essential oil.

Fundamental Oil Sleep Blend #5

3 tablespoons of drain or cream with 5 drops of geranium rose oil. You can also add a drop of orange oil plus a drop of lavender essential oil. Mix it with water or add it in your bath.

Essential Oil Sleep Blend #6

In a container of water add 5-10 drops peppermint oil then add 5 drops lemon oil mixed with 5 drops orange oil.

A Word of Caution for Essential oils Sleep recipes

Essential oils contain intense plant synthetic concoctions. In spite of their normal roots they ought to be utilized with mind and ideally with the direction of a qualified proficient. To get the most remedial advantages make sure to utilize just the most noteworthy quality, natural essential oils.

Most essential oils have a strong aroma which helps soothe the mind and relief stress. The most effective ones for sleep are the most concentrated one that have a sweet scent or a citrus smell. Aromatherapy has been used a lot in the past decades to get rid of negative tensions and get a more positive experience. Using essential oils for sleep is a good way to get into a sleeping routine.

Note: – Sleep can also be hampered by the EMF. Click here to know how.

Nowadays, due to too much blue light, many people are affected by insomnia. So people use an essential oil diffuser to get the benefits of essential oil aroma and some people rub it onto the skin. Essential oils penetrate the skin and into the blood. This helps you by enhancing your physiology in many different ways. Many people claim to have the best benefits from rubbing it onto the skin than inhaling the aroma.

Don’t worry if you rub too much oil on your skin because within 90 minutes the oil evaporates from the skin leaving you with a calmer self.

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