9 Best Foods You Should Eat to Boost Happiness?

Energy boosting foods

Generally, food is our number one source of energy and a large part of our everyday life. Aside from the nutritional value of food, it also has been used for emotional situations. Food can represent comfort, a reward, pleasure, and even associate with memories. Therefore, it is highly important that we start paying attention to consuming a variety of mood and energy boosting foods. 

Food can also aid with one’s emotional strength. According to research, the food you eat has a significant role in your emotions. Science even presented plenty of evidence that points out to these findings. The strongest evidence found is the gut-brain axis. To put it simply, this is how your digestive system and your brain talk. Researchers have found that the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain both have pathways to intestinal functions.

There are many ways on how to manage emotions, and luckily food is one of them! However, not every type of food leads to a positive outcome. Below are some of the foods which help you improve mood and energy. These foods count as the ultimate feel-good foods for depression.

Top 11 Mood and Energy Boosting Foods

Much of the food on this list is readily available in the market. Some of these choices can be packed for school or work. This can also be one way on how to improve mood at work by simply munching it away.

Dark Chocolate

First on our list is a total treat. Dark chocolate’s main ingredient, the cacao, reduces stress, regulates the mood, improves concentration, and increases blood flow in the brain. However, be cautioned on commercially processed dark chocolate. Opt for bars with 70% cacao for the best health benefits.

Grass-fed cattle

Cattle that have been fed with a grass diet are more beneficial than those from commercial farms. These grass-fed animals have higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is a “happy” fat that lowers stress hormones and belly fat. Few of these cattle meat would be beef or lamb.

Greek yogurts

Compared to milk, Greek yogurts have more calcium. Calcium gives a “go” command that signals your brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters. Being calcium deficient may result in anxiety, depression, slowly thinking, and impaired memory. Look for pure Greek yogurts without too many additives or artificial flavors.


The asparagus is one of the best energy boosting foods to consume. Also, asparagus has the highest concentration of tryptophan. Tryptophan helps your brain release serotonin, which is the primary mood-regulating neurotransmitter. It also has high levels of folate that help fight depression. So, don’t skip your asparagus on your dinner next time.


No wonder Winnie the Pooh was always happy. Honey contains quercetin and kaempferol. Honey is one of the best energy boosting foods today, packed with plenty of beneficial minerals. These minerals later help reduce inflammation, keep a healthy brain, and fight off depression. Also, unlike other sugars, honey does not increase blood sugar levels. Add honey to your oatmeal and tea for instant healthy sweetness.


This breakfast item that everyone loves contains omega 3-fatty acids, zinc, B vitamins, iodide, and protein. All of these are mood-regulating vitamins and minerals. To make the most out of your eggs, avoid purchasing “vitamin enriched” or “free-range” eggs. Try and opt for your local farmer’s eggs, which are usually organic and more beneficial for your health. 


Coconut helps the body recover and energize like no other fruit out there. Coconuts contain medium-chain triglycerides. This helps keep your brain healthy and help create better moods. You don’t have to drink up VCO for your mood fix. Simply incorporating a teaspoon of coconut oil to your coffee or coconut shavings into your oatmeal can help.

Red Peppers

Studies have shown that red peppers contain more vitamins than green or yellow peppers. In fact, it contains double the vitamin C and 8 times more vitamin A. These vitamins help regulate your mood and increase immunity. You can stir-fry or bake red peppers if gobbling them raw is not your thing.


These incredible filter feeders have the highest level of B12 among all other foods. B12 helps insulate brain cells that keep them “sharp” over the years keeping your brain happy and healthy. Traces of zinc, iodine, and selenium help your mood-regulating thyroid healthy. Look for farmed mussels since these are more environmentally friendly.

Blueberry Juice

Blueberry and other darkly colored berries are the ultimate energy boosting foods to have at home. Rich in vitamin C, blueberries can easily prevent anxiety, depression, and fatigue. As an added bonus, these berries help you lose weight as well. However, don’t trust commercially produced juices, as these contain a lot of harmful additives and sugars.

Pumpkin Seeds

These crunchy energy boosting foods also contain tryptophan like the asparagus. It helps in the production of serotonin or the mood-regulating neurotransmitter. Some suggest that eating pumpkin seeds while on Prozac or any anti-depressants can make it more effective.


Emotional strength is very important to maintain in order to get through life. With occasional setbacks and problems, all you need to focus on is maintaining a good headspace and mental health. Today, there are a lot of ways on how to manage emotion. Consuming energy boosting foods that help regulate emotion and promote a healthy brain is one of them. Combining these healthy choices together with other beneficial activities can help you improve your overall mood.

However, simply stuffing your mouth with the food items on the list is not a guaranteed cure. If you are currently having mental or psychological issues, always seeks for medical and professional help.

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