5 Self-Evaluation Emotional Intelligence Test

Emotional Intelligence Tests

Ever wondered what separates good leaders from great leaders in the workplace? Well, studies show that emotional intelligence tests can contribute to success in the workplace. Even more, these tests can turn you into an effective and productive leader. It is therefore important to know how to manage your emotional strength and develop a positive emotion at work.

According to an influential American psychologist, Daniel Goleman, one of the missing elements in the success equation of most organizations is emotional intelligence. Research also shows that individuals with high emotional intelligence are considered more successful than those with low IQ. Additionally, when one develops high emotional intelligence, they are able to manage difficult situations and build strong working relationships.

Hence, if you are a leader, it’s recommendable to take an emotional intelligence self-evaluation test to gauge your emotional strength. This will help you evaluate and control your emotion as well as that of others.

If you are curious how to improve emotionally, here are a few emotional intelligence tests to improve your EQ.

5 Effective Emotional Intelligence Tests
  • Psychology Today

If you are questioning where you stand as a leader, try this self-assessment tool. Psychology today is a credible test that contains 146 questions in different forms. Taking about 45 minutes, this test is great for leaders who have time and want to gauge their own EI. To complete the test, you put yourself in different work situations and create an opinion based on your experiences. 

It is able to do a thorough assessment and tackle EQ in a variety of ways. The accuracy of its assessment is what has been making people self–evaluate themselves for almost 50 years. Full results require a fee while a snap of your results is free.

Click Here to take the test.

  • Mind Tools

When you think of a great leader, there are five key elements that should come to mind. Such are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Mindtools is a 15-question assessment that is designed on these 5 elements that help leaders grow and succeed. Besides, it’s quick and easy.

According to Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence tests are essential for success. They enable leaders to work well with their team members even in stressful situations. Leaders should be self-aware of their emotions and how they can affect those around them. On self-regulation, it is important for leaders to stay in control and hold themselves accountable in times of trouble.

Motivation is the ability of a leader to work consistently towards their goals. For empathy, every organization needs a leader who is able to put himself in someone else’s situation. The last key component that makes a successful leader is social skills. Leaders who have good social skills have the ability to resolve conflicts and manage chang effectively.

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  • HBR

Are you wondering how to improve emotional intelligence in leadership? This is actually one of the best emotional intelligence tests, specifically intended for leaders. Through 25 questions, this quiz accesses EQ elements, like empathy and adaptability, all calculated against the HBR’s averages. The test also offers the next necessary steps to help you improve specific EQ areas that you want.

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  • Greater Good

Are you a person who lacks emotion? If so, this test is for you. For you to become an effective leader, it’s important to master the skills of reading and identifying people’s facial expressions. This is where this test comes especially in handy.

When taking this test, you will need to identify the emotions of others, based on their facial expressions. This helps leaders to better connect with their peers, something that is challenging if they don’t master this skill. Besides, the result for each question is instant, and you will also get helpful tips for identifying with other people’s emotions.

Click Here to take the test.

  • CIO.com

For IT leaders, who want to try some of the most useful emotional intelligence tests, check out CIO.com. This self-evaluation tool contains questions based on CIO’s work situations in real life. It will provide you with the baseline for understanding your emotional intelligence and how to perform well under pressure. This way, you will be able to make more healthy decisions when faced with similar situations.

Compared to other self-assessment tools, the results are not as accurate, but it will help increase your emotional intelligence.

Click Here to take the test.


Whether you are looking to develop or improve your emotional intelligence, the above emotional intelligence tests will be helpful. You can improve emotional intelligence through training, and staying persistent. All emotional intelligence tests will help you know where you stand with your emotional intelligence. It will also give you the understanding of how to manage your emotions as a leader.

This way, you will be able to communicate effectively, be empathetic, and adapt to change. In addition, you will become more self-aware, obtain emotional control, and inspire others. Therefore, these tests are immaculate in showing which emotional intelligence element you need to work on.