10 EMF Sources to Protect Your Family Against

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Electromagnetic fields have become more abundant. the effects of EMF on one’s health may not be too obvious, safety measures should still be upheld. To limit the EMF sources effects, here is everything you need to know on the subject. 

What are the Most Powerful EMF Sources at Home?

1. Computers.

Sadly, despite the enormous help computers offer, they are one of the main EMF sources at home. What’s worse is that people exacerbate health risks by spending too much time near them.

Kids are in front of the computer both for games or their homework. Teenagers spend so much of their time playing online games, whereas adults use computers professionally.

All these can’t be helped, as a matter of fact, as today’s society demands the use of computers. What you can do is reduce the risks by refraining from putting laptops on your lap for a long time. You can also buy EMF protection pads for your computer and turn them off when not in use.

2. Wi-Fi Devices.

More and more devices are now becoming Wi-Fi enabled or ready – cell phones, computers, and even TV. The good thing about this is that you are well-connected. You get easy access to almost anything online. Unfortunately, the more Wi-Fi enabled devices you have, the greater the EMF sources and their effects.

To lessen the use of Wi-Fi in your home, you might want to consider if you really need all these Wi-Fi devices. If one or two would suffice, stick to them and only to them. Make this precaution more effective by getting low-radiation routers. Don’t keep any router inside the bedroom or any place that people usually stay in, and turn those routers off whenever they’re not needed.

3. Cell Phones.

Cell phones are probably one of the most common EMF sources. We use these gadgets almost 24/7. People might not think much of it, as cellphones are small compared to bigger computers. However, the time people spend holding them cancels out and beats their size.

While it’s quite inevitable to stop using cell phones, it’s still recommended to keep them at a distance. Don’t put them in your pockets. Don’t sleep with them near your head, and don’t constantly hold them even when not using them.

4. Television.

A few decades back, one of the largest EMF sources was television. It’s for that reason why watching television for hours was not allowed. Smart TVs now emit a very considerable amount of EMF thanks to technological advancements such as Wi-Fi compatibility.

If possible, don’t buy televisions that can connect to Wi-Fi. Instead, buy a low EMF TV and try to place it somewhere in the house where it’s far from people as possible. It’s also advisable to limit the screen time, especially to children.

5. Microwave Ovens.

Some people may not be aware of this, but microwave ovens actually emit EMF radiation. While a lot of people may argue that microwaves are completely sealed off, it may be wise to know that they aren’t always like that. As time goes by, this seal weakens which then allows EMF to affect people more.

When using the microwave oven, do not stand right in front of it. If possible, wait for it to finish in another room. Also, have it checked regularly to ensure that the seal is still there.

6. Electrical Wirings.

Electrical wirings, especially poorly designed ones, emit plenty of radiation. Therefore, you have to make sure all wirings are checked. Also, turn off and unplug any appliances that are not in use.

7. Metal Pipes.

Pipes are not as much of a source as they are a means. Some pipes are placed underground, and if there’s an EMF radiation nearby, they will conduct it immediately. Due to this, you want to ensure that all the pipes are working properly, safe as they can be.

8. Dimmer Switches.

Dimmer switches are one of the most harmful EMF sources, as the current unused when dimming a light then becomes an EMF. The only way to prevent this is to stop using dimmer switches.

9. Radiant Electrical Heating.

It’s bad news for the ones in the winter season. The electrical heating installed under the floor is a great source of EMF as the heating process of it emits this kind of radiation. If you can help it, try not to use radiant electrical heating.

10. Neighbors.

No, they don’t mean to give you radiation. However, they do have EMF as well if they’re full of technological devices. The sad part here is that you can’t actually walk up to their house and demand that they shut off all EMF sources. The only thing you can do here is live in a neighborhood where houses are not so close together.

EMF Sources: Conclusion. 

Just because sources of EMF radiation are almost everywhere doesn’t mean that there are no ways to keep it in check. All you have to do is become aware of the sources and have reasonable protective measures to minimize the damages it can bring to you and your family’s health.

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