Emf shielding: France know more about EMF than US?


Emf shielding?

Concerned about the risks of long-term EMF exposure from electronic gadgets?

Recently, the French National Assembly passed a law regarding WiFi dangers to children by entirely banning WiFi in nursery and daycare settings. The ban extends to primary schools, only allowing WiFi to be enabled in those classrooms when actively being used for education.

Although a number of countries have issued warnings about WiFi in the past, none has been as explicit as this as to the hazards WiFi radiation for children. The ban demonstrates the first national implementation of the precautionary principle with regards to managing the prevalence of wireless technology.

Key Points in the Law

  • Wireless access points and routers are banned from “spaces dedicated to the care, resting and activities of children younger than 3 years old”—i.e., nurseries and daycare centers
  • Wireless access points and routers may only be enabled in primary schools when in active use for lessons
  • Any advertisement for mobile devices must include a recommendation of devices (such as earphones) to reduce exposure to the head
  • All wireless devices must contain clear instructions on how to disable their wireless functionality
  • All public places offering WiFi must clearly advertise that WiFi is available on a sign at the entrance to the property
Emf Shielding – Emf Protection

Restrictions on Wifi access in schools are intended to reduce young children’s exposure to electromagnetic wave radiation, which the International Agency for Research on Cancer considers, “possibly carcinogenic”.

Establishments offering public Wi-Fi access will now have to display a symbol indicating the presence of electromagnetic waves.
A lot of countries applauded the wise decision of France.

There is now substantial evidence that EMF waves emitted from mobile devices can increase the risk of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and of other diseases (not need to be mentioned here).
This was a big decision to take for France.


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Emf Shielding – protect your kids

What will do the rest of the world?

And at a personal level, what it takes to make a right decision?
The main idea is to:

  • make a list of pros and cons
  • make a list of options
  • narrow it down until you have only two possibilities.

Then come to a final decision.
Be aware that the indecision becomes a decision to do nothing, which might be the worst decision of all.

And not in the least what is the right decision for you to take regarding EMF Radiation Protection in your life?

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