Why You Need EMF Protection Crystals at Home?

It is noticeable that a lot of people are trying to be health-conscious in this modern world. Many artificial products contribute to toxicity and poor health. Therefore, it is no surprise why people avoid certain chemicals or foods. However, many are unaware of the dangers of using too much technology, which leads to EMF exposure. Electromagnetic field (EMF) presence is abundant in places where technology is dominant. Because of this, many find EMF shielding crystals effective to use.

Let’s discuss the benefits of protective crystals, their effects against EMF exposure and the ways to use them properly.

Why is EMF a potential threat?

Before discussing EMF shielding crystals, here are some reasons why EMF is a potential health threat:

EMFs are invisible fields produced by electrically charged objects. These devices are rampant in modern homes. Electronics that use wireless technology are major culprits. For example, cellular phones are a universal item that people generally own and these can emit 10 to 60 milliGauss during use (e.g. taking calls).

This is way above the threshold of 7 milliGauss, which is the upper limit of safe exposure. As the use of technology can no longer be absolutely avoided, the use of EMF protection at home is recommended.

Research has shown a slight degree of correlation between EMFs and health problems in susceptible people, commonly with the following symptoms:

  • dizziness and vertigo
  • headaches
  • sleep problems
  • infertility
  • fatigue.

Because of many reasons involving the ethics of using human test subjects, little or no research is available with regards to the effects of varying EMF levels its toxicity in general.

Why Use EMF Shielding Crystals at Home?

While one cannot easily control EMF exposure outdoors, one’s home is where a person has control. It is a personal dominion. Because of this, one can apply EMF protection at home. Having sufficient protection at home is a big necessity as this is where people rest and, for families, this is where children grow.

Some natural crystals neutralize EMF. This is because some crystals can absorb electromagnetic radiation. As EMFs are also radiation, it is no surprise that a lot of crystals neutralize EMF. The use of specific EMF shielding crystals may help ensure that the home remains protected from negative EMF effects.

Recommended Crystals to Shield Yourself from EMF.

Some examples of such crystals are chlorite phantom quartz and smokey quartz.

Here are other recommended crystals: Black Tourmaline and Selenite. Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is an illustrious aesthetic black mineral. It offers powerful EMF protection as it can easily absorb EMF radiation. In New Age alternative treatment, Black Tourmaline cleans and unblocks energy levels in the house.

On the other hand, selenite crystals are also very useful crystals that can offer strong EMF protection.

Selenite crystals, also known as gypsum flower and desert rose, is an elegant white crystal usually tubular in shape. Their elegance is shown by its delicate and slender shape. They are relatively inexpensive crystals.

These crystals are also very powerful protection crystals to use in your home. Because of their pure vibration, they are highly prized by crystal healers and used for any energetic cleansing and purification. These crystals can unblock stale energy, reducing negative vibes or energy in one’s home.

Another mineral that can absorb EMF is Karelian shungite, a mineral native to Karelia in Russia. The internal structure of the crystals allows them to successfully absorb EMF and other radiation sources.

Karelian shungite, however, must not be placed near running electronic devices as quartz may amplify vibrations if placed incorrectly. So it is best to avoid doing so. Shungite is also a powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy cellular metabolism and detoxifies the body.

EMF Crystals Alternatives.

Aside from these crystals, there are also other helpful ones in supplying EMF protection. Such include Aegirine, Amazonite, Aventurine, Black Moonstone, Eucryptite, Flint, Fluorite, and Fulgurite.

Another useful use of EMF shielding crystals is their supplementary help to a user doing grounding therapy. It is a technique in detoxifying EMF effects in which the person literally connects to the earth or ground by walking barefoot. A grounding meditation with the use of EMF protection crystals can increase the potency of the therapy.

In using EMF protection crystals, it is best to place them in the main corners of the house. If one has plenty of crystals, one can grid a room by placing each crystal in the room’s corners. While resting, shut down electronic devices, to reduce the load of the crystals that absorb or resist EMF radiation.

In summary, EMF protection crystals have the potential to provide both EMF shield and introduce positive vibes for one’s well-being.

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