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EMF shield refers to reducing electromagnetic fields and radiation in a specific space through the blockage.

What is EMF Shield?

EMF protection should effectively block harmful waves coming from laptops, computers, cell phone towers, power lines, and microwave ovens. Recent studies have shown a link between exposure to high-EMF environments and adverse health effects.

Therefore, the right EMF shield should diminish not only electromagnetic fields, but also electrostatic fields, wireless frequencies, microwave fields, and radio frequencies. The shielding efficacy of an EMF blocker depends on the materials used. Ideally, these should include negative ion generators, black tourmaline, far infrared technology or germanium.

How Does EMF Shielding Work?

EMF/EMR shielding reduces your exposure to damaging electromagnetic radiation and wireless energy. These can be as simple as patches or stickers that you can just stick to an EMF-emitting device. Other times, these come in the form of personal EMF protection. Thus, the best EMF shielding devices will diminish sleep problems, night terrors, headaches, while promoting an inner energy balance.

An anti-EMF shield blocks electric and magnetic components of RF radiation, which are inseparable. When the active elements in protection devices block the electric field, they also stop the magnetic one. By placing this barrier between you and your electronic gadgets, your cells won’t be as affected by these harmful waves.

EMF Protection Background.

EMF radiation is made up of electric and magnetic fields. The concept of EMF shielding has been around since the days of the Faraday cage, in 1836. These were used to block electric charges containing electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR).

The technology aimed to prevent the interference of EMFs with electrical equipment, but human protection is also important. Well, more important, actually.

Basic EMF Shielding

In order to set-up a basic form of protection, note that electromagnetic fields radiation decreases by distancing yourself from the source. But, the truth is, we can’t be away from our cell phones or tablets all the time. Therefore, here are some tips that might help you do so:

  • Don’t keep your cell phone next to your head or body. If possible, use a hands-free device or the speakerphone function.
  • Don’t stand directly next to your Wi-Fi router.
  • When you go to sleep, don’t keep your cell phone on the nightstand. Leave it in another room if possible, and go for a battery-powered alarm clock.
  • Keep your distance from the microwave while using it.
  • When on your laptop, don’t hold it on your lap, but use a remote keyboard instead.

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Best Cell Phone EMF Shielding Devices

Since we’re always using our smartphones cell phone radiation protection is one of the most important aspects of shielding.

The QuanThor 360 EMF protection uses the combined power of rare metals, semi-precious stones, and negative ion generators. All these combined help efficiently block the EMF device emissions. Moreover, it prevents the side effects of electromagnetic radiation, anxiety, depression, and stress. At the same time, it promotes high energy levels when wearing it.

The EMF shielding sticker is small, compact, and easy to use. Plus, it won’t interfere with the quality of your phone calls. Eliminating phone radiation is one of the most important reasons to get the right EMF protection device. And here are your best options:

  • The QuanThor EMF protection sticker uses a blend of gold, silver, zinc, jade, and other health-crucial elements. Combined, these are able to convert damaging EMF exposure into harmless forms of energy. As a result, this represents one of the most powerful EMF shield and EMR protection devices.
Best Personal EMF Shielding Devices

Personal EMF protection comes in the shape of pendants and bracelets, so it is both fashionable and efficient.

  • QuanThor’s anti-EMF pendant is a combination of black tourmaline, far-infrared technology, and stainless steel generating up to 3500 negative ions. Negative ions are found in nature, and research shows these improve the production of the happy hormone, serotonin. This pendant also reduces exhaustion and improves thyroid function. As a protection shield, the pendant improves your own energy biofield, keeping EMFs at bay.
  • Another great QuanThor EMF shield device is the Orgone Pendant Flower of Life, designed to eliminate the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation. Stones like tourmaline, clear quartz, and amethyst make great pendants to use and will make you more resistant to radiation.
  • Offering up to 1500 negative ions, QuanThor’s EMF shielding bracelet combines silicone, negative ion powder, germanium, FIR technology, and neodymium magnets. The result is a potent EMF blocker that reduces the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation. This non-invasive bracelet also prevents diseases by strengthening the immune system.

Where to Buy EMF Shielding Devices?

First of all, it’s extremely important where you buy your EMF/EMR shielding devices. The companies selling such products should offer radiation shields that work for your home, car, or office.

These can be anything from actual EMF blockers to personal EMF protection devices. This type of protection device should be effective, suitable for everyday use, cost-effective, and aesthetic.

But with so many products on the market, choosing one is not an easy task. Whether you are EMF sensitive or want to eliminate harmful electric and magnetic forces around you, EMF shielding devices should work to reduce EMF exposure.

Finally, a quality EMF shield device always needs to provide great effects in a health-friendly manner, using beneficial minerals and stones.

4 Medical conditin coperta e-book 3D low ress

The Biggest 4  Medical Condition generated by Electromagnetic Radiation


IS RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating the case.



QuanThor is specialized in producing high-quality and award-winning EMF shielding devices. From beautiful and stylish pendants to anti-EMF bracelets and cell phone radiation protection devices, this selection can keep both you and your loved ones safe. To learn more about these EMF shielding devices, please visit our shop.

4 Medical conditin coperta e-book 3D low ress

The Biggest 4  Medical Condition generated by Electromagnetic Radiation


IS RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating the case.



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