What Makes Some People More Sensitive to EMF?

EMF sensitive people

In recent years, concerns about the hazards brought by electromagnetic fields or EMF have risen around the globe. All of us, including Mother Nature, produce EMF but in a very low intensity which does not cause harm. Technological structures and devices, however, produce EMFs at high intensities which are very dangerous. Therefore, a lot of countries implemented EMF protection laws, also helping EMF sensitive people live healthier.

People use technology every day, especially mobile phones, wireless network connections, TVs with antennas, radios, and many more. We encounter a lot of EMF radiations each day. Although EMF radiations do not gravely harm us immediately on a short-term basis, there are many EMF sensitive people who feel its side-effects.

A Study on EMF Sensitive People.

Actually, there are still no evidence on why some people are EMF sensitive. Still, recent studies conducted by a group of scientists led by Michael Winklofer from the University of Munich have shed some light of evidence about this phenomenon. They’ve discovered ‘internal compass needles’ inside the noses of rainbow trout. These so-called ‘internal compass needles’ are scientifically called magnetosensory cells. As their name implies, these cells are very sensitive to magnetic fields.

Magnetosensory cells have micro-meter sized inclusions composed of magnetic crystals theoretically made of magnetite. These inclusions allow them to feel magnetic fields. They are coupled to the cell membrane, and when the crystals align in response to a sudden shift in the ambient magnetic field, the electrical potential across the membrane changes.

Despite their shortcomings in searching magnetosensory cells in humans, their study proves that animals respond to magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Magnetosensory cells have also been found within rats. In addition, this is the same as humans, rats are also mammals. This could potentially mean that the discovery of these cells within human beings will happen in the near future.

Is There a Pattern for EMF Sensitive People?

In theory, EMF generally targets people who already have highly sensitive nervous systems. These types of people are sensitive to basically anything such as to the taste of food, scent of cigarette smoke, heat and cold, the smell of chemicals and toxins, and subtle vibrations. However, EMF sensitivity can still develop to anyone of all ages.  

Brain Anomalies Sighted during an EMF Sensitivity Test. 

In a study conducted by EMF sensitivity doctors in April 2017, ten EMF sensitive people underwent MRI scans to check for any anomalies in their brains. All of them showed constant abnormalities in the same part of the brain. Also, the ten patients all worked in places nearby large outputs of EMF. One worked with electric power lines, and another works nearby an AT&T cell tower.

Women are More Likely to be EMF Sensitive.

Based on survey questionnaires distributed in Finland, Japan, and the Netherlands, a large portion of the demographics that suffer the symptoms of EMF is women. Studies and researches are still being conducted regarding this matter. So as of now, we still can’t determine why women are more sensitive to EMF.

However, the cause may be the biological differences of male and female such as chromosomal differences that allow males to have a higher resistance to EMF sensitivity. Another probable reason is that females are more tuned into the subtleties of their bodies than males do. This enables them to notice EMF exposure symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and cognitive issues more quickly. Males, on the other hand, tend to ignore discomforts in their bodies due to their masculine mentality.

Another fact to consider is that some males are more prone to certain diseases than females and vice versa. For instance, males are three times more likely to die of AIDs compared to females. To the contrary, the majority of recorded lupus patients are females.

Avoiding EMF Sensitivity.

Chances are that the majority of us might already be EMF sensitive due to our constant exposure to technology. To counteract this issue, conduct a simple EMF sensitivity plan at home. Here are some tips to help you do so:

  • The first step to do is minimize using your mobile phones and using them only when needed. Studies show that mobile phone users do unimportant activities 80 percent of the total time they spend using their devices. These activities involve scrolling news feeds on social media apps, watching random videos, and excessively playing mobile games.
  • The second step would be to turn off wireless networks when not in use. Sure, people tend to keep their Wi-Fi’s on all the time even when not using it. But, Wi-Fi signals constantly produce strong EMF radiations when turned on. Of course, this means that your entire house might be filled with harmful radiations.

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