What’s the Best EMF Protection Device Every School Should Have?

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The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection guidelines that limit the exposure of the general public, including children, to electromagnetic radiation (EMF) were made for good reason. Mobile phone use has been found to be linked to headaches, concentration difficulties, and fatigue. With the rise of WiFi and WiFi-enabled devices in schools, EMF school protection devices for kids is imperative.

This does not mean, however, that children are exposed to high-risk EMF radiation in school. Besides EMF levels being regulated, a 2017 study has already quelled such concerns. However, the effects of long-term exposure to low EMF level remain unexplored. The things that are still unknown are enough reasons not to feel too complacent, especially where kids’ safety is concerned.  

EMF School Protection Devices

Modern schools are equipped with learning tools that are sources of non-ionizing EMF radiation. Compared to ionizing EMF such as in X-rays, the non-ionizing type has an extremely low frequency. Unlike ionizing radiation which can potentially damage the cells in our body, the non-ionizing EMF in low levels does not pose a high risk to people with short-term exposure. However, there are potential biological responses and effects on well-being that are yet unknown.

At home, microwave ovens, house energy smart meters, TV screens, and power lines are sources of non-ionizing EMF radiation. In school, EMF radiation can be obtained from the following:

  • Cellular phones

There is no clear evidence that links brain tumor and cancer to mobile phone use. However, our kids’ brain activity, sleep patterns, and concentration are vulnerable to EMF radiation in smartphones.

  • Wireless networks and Bluetooth devices

The intensity of the WiFi signal is less severe than that in a microwave oven. The studies concerning radiation effects from WiFi and Bluetooth do not confirm that there are negative effects on one’s health. There are research gaps on biological responses, though.

  • Computers

There is evidence of the fact that radiation coming from PC screens can badly affect the eyes. Specifically, the eye’s cornea gets the hit. The cornea is that transparent part of the eye that covers the front portion. It mainly refracts or bends light that enters our eyes which is a great part of seeing. Kids also suffer from many health issues, as a result of this exposure. One of the biggest threats they face is a distorted or impaired vision, which is a problem in need of a solution. 

In sum, while EMF radiation risks are low, these sources of non-ionizing radiation are still unsafe. 

The Best EMF School Protection Devices

As parents, there are things that you can do to reduce your kid’s exposure to EMF radiation. Children are most vulnerable to radiation-emitting cellphones or smartphones. You have any right to be concerned especially with kids nowadays getting more attached to these devices. The Federal Communications Commission gives the following advice to parents:

  • Lessen the amount of time spent on gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Use speaker mode or a headset when making calls. This is to give more distance between the head and the device.

You can’t be too careful. When it comes to kids’ safety, putting extra protection against potential ill effects of EMF radiation does no harm at all. But kid’s safety does not start home and end in the front yard. EMF school protection devices need to become a must in every school if we care to improve our kids’ quality education.

Have a look at the recommended EMF school protection devices, which can also be used at home:

The QuanThor EMF radiation protection device is usable both during playtime or sleeping. This 1.5-inch device shields the user from excessive radiation without a burden. You’ll probably forget it’s there, but it’ll not forget to protect you or your children. Its magnetic properties elements which transform EMF radiation from power lines, cell phone towers, WiFi, and computers.

Users of this technology reported that they have had very good sleep since they started carrying it with them. There are also accounts of people with migraines and heart palpitations who felt relieved since they start using this device.

The QuanThor 360 is a WiFi radiation protection device, cell phone and laptop EMF absorber, and a negative ion generator in one. It is a small round device, just 1.18 inches big, that you can stick on the back of a mobile phone or other radiation-emitting devices. It not only shields your children from radiation but also counteracts it, thanks to its negative ion-emitting properties. In nature, negative ions are usually located in a hillside area, as well as near waterfalls, and beaches. They induce biochemical reactions in your body that promote a happy mood, alleviate depression, and relieve stress.

Users later noted that this device introduced a sense of relief, along with increased concentration and an improved sleep. Others said they felt changes in their energy levels since they started using it.


As parents, we like to protect our kids from all sorts of harm and danger. When it comes to EMF school protection devices for kids, we cannot say there is such a thing as overprotection. We can’t always tell them to reduce the use of cell phones. Neither can we tell them not to use computers, which are learning tools. With these QuanThor EMF protection devices, you don’t have to worry about EMF radiation exposure in school or wherever they go.

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