EMF Exposure in Kids: How to Reduce It?

EMF safety

Today’s kids are more exposed to technology than the earlier generations. It is so common to see toddlers working those tablets and phones. You might think that they are lucky to enjoy gadgets you could only have dreamt of. However, these kids are not that lucky. They are, in fact, in danger of excessive exposure to harmful EMF radiation. And for that, we need to analyze EMF safety and how it can keep our children away from harm.

Although adults are also exposed to EMF, children are the most vulnerable to its effects. To make matters worse, today’s kids are exposed to EMF radiations even before they are born and will continue to be exposed in their adulthood. It is, therefore, crucial to consider EMF safety tips, especially with your children in mind.

EMF, or electromagnetic field, is a type of electric energy which is generated by changing magnetic fields. And when it comes to kids, these concerns and growing numbers must lead us to discuss the dangers of EMF and EMF safety. 

EMF Safety and Sources.

Advancements in technology have exposed people to radiation now more than ever. For babies, exposure comes from even small electromagnetic fields. Their thin bones and skull absorb a lot more emissions compared to adults.

Also, their cells and muscles contain a lot of fluids which act as conductors for the EMF radiations. Due to this, unborn children and small infants are much more vulnerable to the dangers of EMF radiation exposures.

Children are exposed to EMF radiation by:

  • Placing cellphones in pockets during pregnancy as it can put your unborn child at risk of EMF radiation exposure. Using your cellphone close to your small kid also exposes your young one to EMF radiation.
  • Placing a laptop close to your belly or near your small infant.
  • Using most electronic devices, such as microwave ovens, as they emit a lot of EMF radiations. Placing your child near electric appliances exposes him to harmful emissions.
  • Using baby monitors and owlet pulse oximeter monitor. Although you are monitoring your kid to make sure he is safe, you are actually him to EMF radiation from the same devices.
  • Connecting to wireless networks and devices that provide wireless networks such as WiFi routers.

How EMF Radiation Affects Our Bodies?

EMFs affect the body by releasing energy and thermal heat. This, in turn, increases the production of free radicals in cells in the body. Free radicals can damage the cell membranes’ ion channels, change DNA sequences, and impair metabolic functions.

Although our bodies contain antioxidants which protect our cells from the harmful free-radicals, overexposure to EMFs causes them oxidants to be ineffective and put our children and us to severe adverse effects such as cancer.

Negative Effects of EMF on Small Children.

If you are keen, you might have noticed that there are so many cases of little kids who have leukemia and other forms of cancers such as brain cancer. The increase in these cases might be due to an increase in sources of EMF radiation. EMF exposure symptoms are more visible today than in earlier times.

Several studies have shown that exposure to EMF radiation over time causes carcinogenic effects. Overexposure increases changes in gliomas, meningiomas, and other cancerous cells.

Overexposure to EMF radiation, especially during pregnancy, may cause the fetus to experience complications. It also leads to giving birth to kids with behavioral problems and hyperactivity disorders.

How to Reduce EMF Radiation.

It is clear that people are hooked to technology, and they cannot spend a whole day without using an electronic device, especially cellphones. Children will always be exposed to harmful EMF radiation, but there are ways in which you can reduce the exposure and protect your kid from EMF dangers.

Below are some examples of EMF safety measures at home:

  • Use an EMF blocking blanket to cover your baby when breastfeeding. Many mothers like to surf the internet while breastfeeding. An EMF blocking blanket blocks the EMF radiation from your cellphone, thereby protecting your little angel. This EMF blocking blanket can also cover the belly during pregnancy to ensure full-on EMF safety.
  • Keep your children away or at a safe distance from electronics.
  • Put phones and tablets that children use to play games in airplane mode and limit the time your children use the devices.
  • Use an EMF meter to know the hotspots in your home.
  • Purchase a smart meter shield, but don’t install it near your child’s nursery or kids’ bedroom.
  • If possible, use ethernet cables to connect to the internet rather than using WiFi.
  • Use EMF shielding paint to paint your child’s nursery.
  • Use laptop shield when using a laptop during pregnancy.
  • Try to stay several miles away from cellphone and radio towers.


There is still a few evidence-based research that describes how EMF affects newborns and young children. As of now, there is a need for more research and clarification along with a revisit of safe EMF regulations.

Technology is here to stay, but you can take time off and go camping with your kids to reduce exposure to EMF for a while. Controlling EMF radiation is challenging, but with some few precautions, we can reduce the EMF dangers and protect our young ones.

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