How to Keep Your Home Safe from Radiation Exposure? 

emf safe home

Imagine if you can keep your house clean from harmful radiations, especially EMF. It could revolutionize your home. It would make you feel more comfortable moving around and maintaining that healthy living you have always imagined. But, to do that, you will need to start thinking about solutions which will create your EMF safe home.

However, it is entirely impossible to make our house radiation-free due to our use of technology. Somehow, we can still keep our home safe from any radiation exposure.

The most common harmful radiation that exists in almost every household in the world is EMF radiation. This is because of all the appliances you have at home. Every appliance requires electricity to work and the frequencies made by the currents add up to the radiations scattered around the house. EMF radiation is dangerous and can pose health risks to your family, which is why an EMF safe home is almost crucial to have.

Nonetheless, there are many ways and means that you can set up EMF protection at home. Here are five of the best methods you can do to achieve a radiation-free home.

How to Make an EMF Safe Home?

Adding a radiation shield or electric filter.  

The most common appliance to avoid for an EMF safe home is a microwave oven. Using a microwave radiation shield can minimize or even stop the emission of harmful radiation without stopping you from using it to heat your food.

Other shields for refrigerators, electric stoves, and even radiators are available in the market and should help you protect your family from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Electric filters can help reduce the frequency of every radiation up to the most minimal value. However, this could also become costly because it depends on the number of electronic appliances you have in your house. Nonetheless, these are good investments for a radiation-safe house, as well as for everyone’s health and safety.

Paint your house with shielding paints.

Having your house painted with shielding paints can help block harmful EMF radiation, as well as other radiations like RF and microwave. However, this paint can only be applied inside and can be layered with latex paint.

This is also a costly protective method as this requires a licensed electrician to install an MU grounding tape and use a grounding kit before applying the paint itself.

Installing protective canopies on your bed.

While bed canopies may sound classy, these polyester-copper-silver mesh canopies block off RF and EMF radiation emissions. As such, this can help you get a good night sleep. In fact, these canopies can block harmful radiations by up to 99%. Installing these can be a bit tedious, though.

These canopies would be installed under your bed or carpet and have them in a room or place with low AC electric field. You can also install a remote cut off switch to help reduce AC electric fields in dormitories and sleeping quarters.

Protect your children with anti-radiation baby blankets.

This works like the protective canopies but is used for warmth during your children’s good night sleep. Children are the most susceptible when it comes to radiation exposure due to gadget use.

You can protect them from RF or EMF radiation by having anti-radiation baby blankets that would block off harmful radiation and help them get to sleep better. This should also protect your children from health problems due to long exposure to gadgets and electronics.

Install RF/EMF shielding films on your windows.

While there are appliances that emit harmful radiations, most of the harmful radiations can also come from the outside. Cellular towers, your neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal, and even the sun’s UV rays can come inside and could collude with the rest of the harmful radiation inside the house.

Having an EMF safe home can help reduce 99% of any 5 GHz frequencies, like 2.4 GHz signals. This shielding film does not come in sheets. Therefore, you will have to cut it from the roll according to the height and width of your windows. .

For personal spaces, you can even have some EMF protection crystals. This could also stand out as a perfect adornment for your EMF safe home.


Having your own home protected from harmful radiation like RF, microwave, and EMF is not just all about safety. This is also a beneficial move for you and your family’s health and well-being. Through this, you would be able to sleep well, enjoy a normal sleeping clock, and avoid physical and mental illnesses.

In a way, following these ways is a sure investment of a happy, healthy, and radiation-free home for you and the entire household.

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