EMF Radiations | Alternative Solutions of it from all Electrical Appliances

Alternative Solutions for EMF Radiations Protection from all Electrical Appliances

We all are using different electrical appliances to make our work easier in our daily life. But are we aware of the harmful effect of these appliances and gadgets on our health? Do we know how much damage these are causing to us or how environment-friendly these are? You must be surprised to know that you can enhance your energy level simply be reducing the EMF radiations.

I am sure not many of us have got the time to think about this all. But, it is high time to think about the negative effect of these appliances on us as well as on the environment. All the electric appliances emit some kind of radiations like EMF, radio frequency, microwave etc. and some of almost all of these radiations are harmful to humans. To understand more about these radiations, let’s take a look at the sources of these radiations.

Sources of EMF Radiations

In the present time whole of the mankind is bathing in EMF Radiation. Household appliances, smartphones, Wi-Fi, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, heaters, laptops, smart watches, computers, radio etc. all are the sources of EMF radiations. Basically, the appliances that use electricity produce invisible radiations and these create a high magnetic field around us which is really harmful, especially for children.

Harmful Effect of EMF Radiations on Human Body

EMF radiations have practically trapped the human race and none of us is left untouched by its effect especially the children. Many studies have been done time and now to find out harmful effect of radiations on humans. 10%-80% of the radiations from the cell phone penetrate up to 2 inches in the adults and this penetration is deeper in children.

Headaches, eye problems, cardiovascular stress, brain tumours, insomnia, depression are some of the problems that can be caused due to regular use of cell phones and other gadgets. Microwave radiations can damage human tissues and cells.

Effect on the eyes?

Eyes are also affected by the harmful microwave radiations. So, all the electric appliances in one way or other do affect the humans as well as our environment. Children below the age of 10 years are most deeply affected by these radiations and hence, it is the duty of us adults to save them as much as possible from the harmful effect of EMF Radiations.

Alternative Solutions for EMF Radiations Protection

Knowing about the harmful effects of EMF radiation, you might be thinking of how to lessen the use of electric appliances for daily use. Don’t worry here we will be discussing some ways for EMF Radiation protection which will surely help to reduce the effect of radiation trap in our homes. Let’s take a look at them:

• Limit the Usage of Cell Phones

It is advisable to make shorter calls whenever possible as a mere call of 2 minutes can alter the natural electrical activity in the brain for up to 1 hour. Use speaker while calling and avoid holding it near your ear. Also, try texting a person instead of calling whenever possible. Usage of Bluetooth should also be avoided. While sleeping either keep the cell phone on aeroplane mode or keep it away from the body. This will save you from the effect of EMF Radiations coming out of the phone.

• Do not carry cell phones on body

Researchers conducted two separate studies on two women, one on a 38-year-old vegetarian and another a healthy 21-year-old woman. Both carried cell phones in their bras for a number of years. As a result, an aggressive Breast Cancer developed in the exact spot where the cell phone was carried. So, cell phones should be kept in handbags or carried in some other way to prevent your body from its harmful radiations.

• Turning off Wi-Fi When not in Use

Studies tell that the Wi-Fi during night time is the most dangerous and produces really harmful radiations. This may reduce melatonin production in the body. So, Wi-Fi during night time must be turned off.

• Use Crystals to Lesson the Effect

Keeping Ferromagnetic stones (carrying Iron) help to reduce the EMF effect on the body. Lodestone/magnetite, hematite, pyrite can absorb radiations and should be placed near the gadgets. Shungite, Black Tourmaline can also be used to curb the negative effect of EMF Radiations in the body.

• Unplug the Electric Devices at Home When not in use

Unplugging the electrical devices when not in use is highly advisable. This stops harmful radiations transfer while you are sleeping. The bedroom should be kept as much unplugged as possible especially during the nights.

• Eat Healthily

As they say “Food is the Medicine”, eating food rich in ORAC and Super Nutrients like pomegranate, rosemary, pecans, blueberry, cinnamon, noni, dates etc. increase the immunity of the body and hence, can help to fight against the effect of EMF radiations on the body.

These were some of the alternative solutions for EMF Radiation Protection from all of the electric appliances. Start using these alternatives and protect yourself as well as children from the harmful effect of EMF Radiations. Protection from EMF Radiations from devices like a cell phone is very important as they are more vulnerable to its effect.

Keep children away

Children will be using electric gadgets for a longer period as compared to us because of the advancement of the technology, so it is important to keep them away from the cell phones when they are babies and protect them against the harmful effect of EMF and RF Radiations.

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