The Effects of EMF Radiation on Our Health

EMF radiation risks

In a world where technology is slowly becoming to be a “king” in all aspects — communication tool, connection tool, automation, etc., everyone is also becoming a slave of it. Furthermore, technology’s continuous advancement also gave way to EMF radiation risks. Scientifically speaking, there’s what we call “natural EMF”. Yes, you heard it right, some are natural.

What Does Science Say?

According to science experts, our planet is composed of a natural magnetic field and the sun’s rays, for example, emits a non-ionizing EMF that reaches our planet. And our body, including every living being in this planet, absorb that natural EMF, and with that, we create our own electronic frequency, which proves that all living beings are all dependent and attuned to each other, and that is safe EMF.

Some experts believe that EMF radiation risks, which stem from other devices, like mobile phones, is a very concerning matter. However, they failed to notice the fact that our body can only absorb a certain amount of non-ionizing EMF. In addition, any excess could lead to health dangers. Although we all know that this is dangerous, many people are still clueless about the EMF danger levels they are exposing themselves with, using gadgets and appliances that have high-frequency EMF.

What Do We Know on EMF?

Many know that EMF exposure is connected to power lines, Wi-Fi routers or modems, and mobile phones. What others don’t know is that EMF is also present in our homes — our electrical appliances, especially the microwave oven. Well, you don’t have to avoid using your home appliances as they are essential to our everyday life at home. However, you should learn how to protect yourself and your family from EMF danger levels.

How to Protect Yourself Against EMF Radiation Risks?

We should all be careful in using devices that emit a huge amount of EMF radiation. Otherwise, we face hospitalization or enduring a more complicated health condition. This radiation problem in on the rise as a lot of people feel the need to expose themselves to all the latest technology. Little did we know that this exposure could lead to a lethal result. We notice people suffering excessive EMF exposure symptoms. Some of these include nausea, chest pressure, severe fatigue, sleeplessness, and focus or memory problems. Aside from these, there are more serious symptoms that could arise if this isn’t taken seriously.

With all these hullabaloos about EMF and its negative effects on our body and well-being, there are ways on how we could protect ourselves from it. It’s possible to do that through different kinds of exercises or workouts like yoga.

Yoga against EMF radiation risks is important to practice. It basically saves ourselves from the dangerous EMF radiation risks. Like other exercises, yoga keeps our mind and body balanced and in harmony with each other through proper meditation as this helps connect our mind, body, and spirit. This enables our mind to think positively, which also makes our body respond positively. Aside from making us fit and healthy, yoga aligns our system and refreshes our mind whenever we practice yoga and meditation.

What Else is Important to Know on EMF radiation risks?

We can save ourselves the major effects of EMF radiation exposure by having a clearer perspective and an exercise routine. Rather than drowning ourselves with technology, it’s better to reduce their use. Instead, we should expose ourselves to healthier activities like hiking, reading a book or spending more time with your family.

EMF Radiation Risks: Conclusion

If working out is a part of your lifestyle, do yoga to increase your positive perspective in life. You will also learn calmness of the mind and body as well. Yoga is also an essential tool for EMF protection as it prevents you from exposing yourself to EMF devices. So, next time you feel stressed due to EMF radiation, get your yoga equipment and start meditating and practicing. It will save you a lot of time and energy, which you can spend on other more important matters.