What is Geopathic Stress Zone And How to Protect yourself


Geopathic stress zone is a place where the natural frequency of earth’s magnetic field has been disturbed by other weak electromagnetic fields created by fault lines, underground water streams, certain mineral deposits such as coal and oil.

Moreover, due to the construction of man- made structures such as roads, bridges, railways, electricity and water mains, sewers and tunnels have caused even more disruption in the Earth’s electromagnetic field causing geopathic stress.

If our bodily energy fields are not compatible with the earth’s natural rays, people are likely to be affected. Especially in their home or office, which is located at any height at all above these harmful rays.

As you already know the human body has its own resonating frequency, but when it comes into contact with geopathic stress it is affected severely. It can cause an increase in the vibration of a human body frequency which can affect the immune system.

Geopathic stress and Emf radiation protection

Most people who live within geopathic stress zones feel dizziness, asthma, excessive dreaming, grinding of teeth at night, lethargy, mood swings, nausea and restless sleep. It might emerge as a major condition if the exposures are longer. It may cause Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease, chronic fatigue, miscarriages and cancer.

While we sleep, our body’s frequency drops which help in revitalizing cells in the body, repairing the damages and fighting infections. However, if we are surrounded by geopathic stress at out sleep time our body might not perform its function fully as it uses all the energy to keep the vital organs functioning, which leads to a weak immune system.


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If you have any repeated health issues or emotional problems with family members, get your house checked for geopathic stress. Although, it is quite easy to identify a geopathic stress zone place But to make sure you can hire a professional dowser who can do the job easily. However, to look for signs yourself,you may look out for places like

  • A house has walls with cracks
  • Watch out for animal behavior, cats and ants are attracted to geopatic zones
  • The roads which are prone to path holes
  • Recent Fire cases are more
  • Neighbors have poor health and feel sick most of the time
  • Leaving your house makes you feel better
  • Increased probability of geopathic stress is present f wells and springs are around

Unfortunately, there no such proper instruments to directly measure it except that a dowser can examine the place using some diving tools to map out the zone. In some cases, people use the muscle technique to test for stress, but it does not produce accurate results.

Protecting yourself from such zone is important for your own health. If you feel uncomfortable at home or while sleeping, try moving your furniture after you have mapped out stress zones with your dowser or try using a natural latex mattress.

You can also use tools that can eliminate the effect such as Zen stones, these stones are stacked with powerful energies that combat electromagnetic rays and neutralizes their effect which helps in bringing balance and low stress in the house.

Many people say that crystals have healing properties, which might slightly help you by neutralizing energy resonances in your own body. This can stimulate your immune system and change negative energies into beneficial ones. Crystals such as Amethyst, quartz and tourmaline are said to be very useful. Various tools have been made using different types of technology and material.

Most of them are made with crystals, gold or silver and look attractive so that they can be worn as jewelry. Another unique technique is earth Acupuncture which is a simple method, it requires you to place metal or brass rods at strategic points to redirect the flow of Earth’s energy.

A famous chinese method called as “feng-shui” is very popular which is said to harmonize the environment. The word ‘feng’ means ‘wind’ and ‘shui’ means ‘water’. It teaches us to balance the complex energies within the environment and the body to obtain good health. These are small protection methods which do not promise the complete elimination of geopathic stress, but they prove to be quite beneficial.

The best answer to the matter of geopathic stress is to neutralize its effects in any building affected. The benefits can often be recognized as improved well-being for anyone who is already being affected by these unwelcome fields of distorted energy.

However, there are many other ways to minimize your EMF exposure, which can also prevent geopathic stress. Keep your cell phone far away from your body, try to use the speaker phone or headphones. Although, a Bluetooth has lower power it still is attached to your body close to the brain.

You might want to use the land line telephone at home instead of cell phones, do not use the DECT standard cables as they send high energy pulses continuously. As a source of ventilation for your laptop, never use it on your lap.

Never use a microwave oven for cooking food as it depletes all the nutrients in the food. It is better to use alternative methods to provide exposure to harmful EMF rays.

It is very difficult to avoid such places all the time, therefore, a person must try and live healthy. Eat healthy foods, exercise and drink plenty of water. Take better care of yourself which will eventually improve your immune system. Take a day off from home and spend it in a park or in a serene place.

Cut off from technology, sit back and relax. Spend time with family, teach your children the benefits of meditation and health problems caused due to geopathic stress. Spreading awareness about such a cause can prove very beneficial to the community, as a mass population will help eliminate the problem which can have a better result.