This is What Happens When Kids Wear a Negative Ion Bracelet

EMF radiation protection devices

There is a big difference between high and poor quality EMF radiation protection devices. Negative Ion bracelets have been getting a lot of traction these days— especially among parents. Other than the fact that these wearable EMF protection bracelets look really pretty, they’re also known to have a lot of health benefits as well.

So what exactly is in these bracelets and what makes them good for your kids? To answer that, here are a few facts you may want to know about EMF radiation protection for kids and some negative ion bracelet benefits.

What is a Negative Ion Bracelet?

First of all, what is a negative ion bracelet and what does it do? Basically, it is a bracelet that emits power negative ions that are beneficial to the body. They actually counter EMF radiation that comes from computers or TVs. This helps give the body more energy and overall make it healthier.

But do those negative ions actually do work or is it just some new age hocus pocus to marketing stunt to get people’s money? Well, according to this study published by J Negat Results Biomed, a team of researchers led by Dominik D. Alexander, there is some connection between better respiratory health and exposure to negative ions. As per their study, the participants who were a part of their experiment were found to have better respiratory health with decreased asthmatic conditions when they were exposed to negative ions.

This is most likely because negative ions have this sort of antibacterial and antimicrobial effect that destroys harmful pathogens.

Additional studies and tips on EMF radiation protection devices

Another study by Y. Kampmann confirms this wherein he studied the effects of negative ion exposure to surface bacteria. He found that strong exposure can kill surface bacteria and give a healthier environment.

With that in mind, your negative ion bracelet is the accessory that can provide you with those wonderful negative ions. You see, we are constantly surrounded by radiation from computers, air pollution, and pathogens. Because of this, we are more surrounded by positive ions than negative ions. Unfortunately, positive ions are the ones that drag us down if there’s too much of it.

So to balance up the whole ecosystem, we need some negative ions too. Just so you know, negative ions are the ones that you’ll find in the forest or the mountains, so having an abundance of negative ions around you is pretty refreshing.

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What Happens When Kids Wear a Negative Ion Bracelet?

Now that we know the benefits that this bracelet can have on people in general, the next question is why should you consider buying the best of all EMF radiation protection devices? Well, check out some of its benefits below:

  • It calms them down

First of all, it helps calm your kids down. As kids are known to have an abundance of energy, it can really get tiring sometimes to look after one that runs around and jumps a lot. A negative ion bracelet can help calm their minds and help them relax. This is good not only for them but also for parents too so that you can get a breather.

  • It enhances children’s mood

Negative ion crystals have a pretty long history of being associated with mood and mental health. There is research that suggests that high exposure to negative ions is slightly associated with lowering depression. This shows that it can actually help with your child’s mood. Sure, there isn’t much research yet backing this up, but it’ll definitely do more good than harm.

  • It helps with sleep

Sometimes, kids may have a hard time falling asleep because their minds are still very active, and they’re constantly thinking about playing around. Either that or they fear sleep, due to nightmares or ghost stories. In any case, negative ion exposure can help them relax and get a good night’s sleep.

  • It protects them from EMF radiation

EMF radiation protection devices for kids is especially important these days because everyone is on their phones and computers. In fact, a lot of kids these days have learned to use iPads and tablets at such a young age. EMF radiation exposure means a direct subjection to a lot of positive ions. This imbalance of positive ions can affect your child’s health and mood at the same time.

Fortunately, a negative ion bracelet can repel the positive ions and give an abundant amount of both.

  • It looks good and is a great accessory

Lastly, it looks good as an accessory. Kids enjoy shiny and pretty stuff because they’re really nice to look at. Other than being an accessory to help with health, it’s also an accessory that looks good on children. Kids would usually want to wear one because it looks nice and therefore makes them feel nice as well.

EMF Radiation Protection Devices: Conclusion

In a nutshell, these bracelets are really helpful for both adults and kids alike. However, there are a few extra benefits that kids can get when they wear one.

So with all of that in mind, your kid deserves one of EMF radiation protection devices, and this is it! It’ll keep your kid healthy and strong, despite the level of radiation exposure. 

So, hurry up! Get your kids their first Negative Ion Bracelet now!

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