EMF radiation health safety and protection for children

EMF radiation health safety and protection for children: Today, many parents around the world are aware of and worried about maximizing their kid’s health and minimizing their health risks from EMF (Electromotive Force).

If you are also in search of the proper guidance on EMF radiation health safety and protection for children, you are here at the right place. Below we describe a series of basic tips to prevent and protect our habitat. It is about adopting the appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce the exposure of people in homes.

Keep distance from the emission sources:

The first rule to keep in mind is that the best defense against radiation is distance. That is, the further we move away from the emission sources, the more the intensity of the waves decreases. If we cannot get far enough away, we will choose to apply some protection and shielding measures in order to ensure that in areas where we spend many hours, such as bedrooms and during sleep, the levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) are as low as possible so that your family’s body can regulate itself daily.

Due to the fact that the sources that originate EMFs are very diverse. It is important to carry out reliable measurements of the radiation levels in our house at different times and days to know if we have a healthy home, determine if the emission sources are internal or external and if it is necessary to install shielding measures against EMF.

Limit or avoid toys that use radio frequencies: 

Such as the well-known game consoles that use wireless controls with Bluetooth, WiFi, and infrared, radio-controlled cars and planes that operate at frequencies of tens of megahertz, walkie-talkies, etc.

Make sure to check the surroundings:

Before buying or renting our home, it is highly recommended to check its surroundings. Like there are no high-voltage lines nearby (within 150 meters), electrical transformers from the company that supplies electricity (just below the floor), antennas of mobile telephony, public or private Wi-Fi antennas, radars, television and radio repeaters, etc. In some cases, the emission sources can be camouflaged, so it is very positive to ask about the neighborhood.

Do not place electrical or electronic devices on our bedside tables or near the beds:

We will not put lamps (especially halogen or fluorescent) radio clocks or electric alarm clocks. Because, in addition to the electric field, its transformer generates a strong magnetic field. The nearest electrical appliance should be at least 1 meter away from our bed. Never have cordless phones, mobile phones, or Wi-Fi equipment in the bedrooms. And in any case, turn them off at night.

Disconnect the electrical network around the beds: 

The next important thing you should keep in mind is to disconnect the electrical network around the beds. During sleeping hours, preferably with the electrical disconnectors.

These devices are installed in the main electrical panel. When they detect that there is no consumption of any electrical device, they cut off the electrical current supply of the circuit.

In this way, we can eliminate from the rooms all the electric and magnetic fields generated by the electrical wiring itself and the devices connected to it. If we are going to make a major reform of the electrical installation, we can ask the electrician to divert the path of the electrical wiring to move it away from the beds by at least 1 meter.

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Do not install electrical cables, plugs, or power strips under beds, tables, chairs, or sofas:

It is very common to put a power strip under the work or study chair, or next to the bedside tables to connect various devices. If it is essential, the solution is to install shielded power strips or replace the electrical cable with a shielded one that eliminates the electric field and in any way, moves the power strips at least 1 meter away from the high permanence area.


Check the grounding of the electrical installation of the house: 

This task is preferably carried out by an electrician who can confirm if it is within an acceptable safety margin. A good ground connection prevents the generation of a large environmental electrical field. Likewise, check the correct connection of the lamps to the plug (phase to phase and neutral to neutral), to avoid unnecessary electromagnetic fields.

Do not use the mobile phone at home: 

The best option is to always have the mobile turned off and only use it in emergencies. A good practice is to activate the forwarding of calls from the mobile phone to the home landline. So when we get there, we can turn off the mobile and forget about it and we are still located.

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