How Does EMF Radiation Harm The Body?

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You’ve probably read quite a bit about the dangers of EMF radiation, where that radiation comes from, and the long-term health effects caused by exposure.

However what not enough people are talking about right now is how that radiation actually affects the body, how our cells react to it, and how that reaction actually causes the specific health issues.

In this article I want to take a bit of a deeper dive into the specific mechanisms behind why excessive exposure to EMF radiation causes harm to the body, and how you can use that knowledge to better protect yourself and your family.

How Does EMF Radiation Harm The Body?

There are many ways that EMF radiation harm the body, but what we now understand more fully, is that this damage occurs primarily from either Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW) or from something called Near Field Plume Radiation (NFPR).

The first, NFPR, is often what people actually think of when they think of damage from cell phones. This is the extremely intense bursts of low frequency EMF radiation that is very powerful, and has been shown to to penetrate deep into the brain.

This is called Near Field Plume Radiation, because the shape of the frequency wave emitted from the phone is “plume” like, and it is at it’s most harmful from short distances.

Although near field plume radiation has been shown to penetrate deep into brain tissue and cause damage, it is the the ICRW, or “Information-Carrying Radio Waves, that end up causing the most damage, which we’ll get to in the morning.

Think of ICRW as the waves on which data from your cell phone is actually carried to the person you are ultimately sending it to. For example, you send a text with a picture of your child to a friend. An ICRW carries that information to a cell tower, and then onto the person receiving the message.

This wave that the message is carried on vibrates in the range of 800-2200 megahertz, which is extremely fast and has the ability to harm the body.

Ok, so now that we’ve talked a little bit about the different types of radiation we can expect from a cell phone, let’s talk through the story of how our cells read this radiation, and how that ultimately ends up harming the body, and causing many of the negative health effects we hear about.

How Our Cells React To EMF Radiation

Our body makes over 2 million new red blood cells every second. This rapid creation of new cells leaves them vulnerable to stresses on the body. Inside of our red blood cells there is actually a series of small receptors, located within the cell membrane. Although these receptors typically receive chemical signals from the body, they are also capable of being influenced by outside influence.

These receptors can actually sense man-made EMF radiation, and they react as if a foreign invader is entering the body and the bloodstream.

Sensing danger, the cells react by first inhibiting the active transport channels inside of the cell membranes, dramatically lowering their permeability, as well their ability to function and interpret micronutrients. This does two harmful things:

  1. Reduces the amount of healthy nutrients that enter our cells.
  2. Inhibits our cells ability to interpret and rid themselves of toxins and free radicals.

It should be pretty easy to understand that after just a short amount of time, cells that are unable to get needed nutrients, and are unable to expel free radicals and toxins will soon become very damaged. The free radicals quickly saturate and build up within the cell, and this alters the cells ability to repair and replicate.

The body was not able to rewind or repair

In fact, renowned researcher Dr. Henry Lai observed this clearly in a large study of rats, and was able to actually see this occur. He also observed significant breaks in single strand DNA that the body was not able to rewind or repair.

Next, when the body is under the stress from EMF radiation, it creates improperly formed cells. When natural apoptosis (cells dying) occurs, these distorted cells leave behind fragments of DNA called micronuclei.

Now, normally this would not be an issue, because the body has these tiny little cleaning vehicles called macrophages, which sweep through the plasma in our blood picking up and ridding the body of these micronuclei.

Now, earlier on we talked about Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW) that is emitted from devices like our cell phone. These waves are picked up by the receptors in the cell, inhibiting their ability to receive crucial communications for the body.

One of these communications that the body does not receive is the immune system calling for macrophages to clean out the micronuclei. However this signal is never received.

This causes these micronuclei, which are essentially just fragments of cell contents, to sit dormant in the nutrient rich bloodstream. This environment allows them to clone exponentially, eventually resulting in tumors. This is the process behind the highly increased tumor rates in people with long term exposure to EMF radiation, specifically from cell phones.

In fact one study determined that using your cell phone for just 30 minutes per day increases your risk of developing a brain tumor by nearly 40%. Now you have a more thorough understanding of how this increased risk occurs.

So What Can I Do?

When it comes to preventing damage to the body from EMF radiation, there are essentially two things that you can do:

  1. You can block the radiation so it never reaches your cells
  2. Altering the EMF Radiation from the device before it reaches your cells so that your body does not react to it as if it’s a dangerous invader.

The first is common, but the second option is even better. This is how Quanthor’s EMF protection products work, such as the EMF Protection Radiation Shield. This device aters the radiation so that your body senses it as a coherent, life-enhancing field, instead of a harmful EMF radiation field, protecting your body without interfering with how the device works.

Altering how the Radiation is sensed by the body is an ideal solution for EMF protection, because it offers maximum protection by not allowing the domino effect of cell destruction we discussed earlier to take place, while still allowing the cell-phone, router, or other device to work as intended.

Quanthor makes a variety of products that do just this, protecting the body by altering the radiation to a life-enhancing field that the body is happy to receive.

Can This Alteration Of EMF Radiation Be Tested?

Although a quality EMF meter is an invaluable tool for EMF protection, allowing you to gain a complete understanding of what kind, and how much, EMF radiation is being emitted in your home, it is not helpful in interpreting how EMF alteration products like Quanthor’s work.

When you block a source of EMF radiation, you can measure that difference with an EMF meter, however when you simply alter or change the wave so that it is coherent, a simple EMF meter will read the radiation the same, even though the body is no longer being harmed.

Final Thoughts

EMF radiation is significantly dangerous. Gaining a more complete understanding of how EMF radiation actually ends up harming the body, allows us to better understand how to protect ourselves. It also allows us to have a better understanding of how products that don’t block EMF radiation, but instead change or alter the wave, can still protect the body from harm.

About The Author

Christian Thomas runs, one of the largest blogs on the dangers of EMF radiation. He has been researching, testing products, and writing on the subject of EMF radiation for many years. He promotes many of Quanthor’s products in his pursuit to protect people from the devices around them.