EMF Radiation Body Detox: Why Should You Do It?

emf radiation body detox

The modern lifestyle of man is characterized by being sedentary and electronics-centred. This has caused a lot of physical, and mental ailments. Our dependence on electronics has caused a lot of us to receive too much exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Exposure to EMFs has some bad health effects manifested by some common illnesses. Thus, it is important to acquire adequate EMF protection, mostly considering the viable EMF radiation body detox methods.

What is EMF?

An electromagnetic field or EMF is an invisible field by electrical-charge objects. These fields may also affect the behaviour of other charged objects within a distance from the field. Given these, interactions between EMFs are also expected. It is not surprising that a major source of EMFs is electronics, especially those that use wireless technology. While high-voltage wires generate greater EMFs, the popularity of wireless gadgets and electronics is the primary reason why electronics are the most common EMF source for households.

Why Do You Need an EMF Radiation Body Detox?

An EMF radiation body detox is a way of removing harmful substances or toxins from the body. There are many ways to do this, depending on the toxic substance(s) in question. As EMFs are radiation energy, there are a lot of ways to reverse the negative effects.

Some research showed a slight link between EMFs and health problems in susceptible people. Symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and sleep problems which could worsen underlying mental issues, such as depression.

EMFs like radio frequencies (RF) from devices such as mobile phones and radio tower may cause damage to your DNA. Extreme ionizing radiation (e.g. x-rays) may even cause DNA strands to break. Genetic damages like these contribute to the rise of cancer cells in the body. For example, an average television can emit up to 100 milliGauss at a distance of four inches. This is beyond the safe exposure range of 0.5 to 2.5 milliGauss.

Take note that EMFs are difficult to pin as the main cause of the diseases mentioned earlier. This is because human test subjects are not quite experiment-compatible. Nevertheless, the International Agency for Research on Cancer still declared electromagnetic radiation (including that by cell phones) a potential carcinogen. While you can minimize the amount of EMF exposure, an EMF radiation body detox is always beneficial to do.

EMF Radiation Body Detox: How Does It Work?

The best way to avoid the toxic burden of EMF is to stay away from the sources of EMF in your vicinity. Unfortunately, technology and our fast-paced lifestyle have made most people dependent on the use of EMF-producing electronics. As such, the use of EMF protection to avoid the associated bad effects is done by health-conscious people.

Our body has natural defences and ways to recover from damage. One method to reverse the exposure to EMFs is by doing detoxification using many ways, the most common of which is an EMF detox bath.

Removal of the “accumulation” of EMFs and their effects is the primary reason why should one detox. This can be done through an EMF detox bath which removes external contaminants.

For example, you can do a detox bath with montmorillonite clay to absorb toxic substances and by-products of oxidative stress. Others avoid clay and use various mineral salts, which help cleanse the pores. In terms of EMF detox symptoms, that is, curing the symptoms of EMF through detoxing, long immersion baths provide a calming sense of relief that could reverse the stress involved and magnified by EMFs.

A bath treatment could also relieve stress and muscle tension, improving one’s mental state.

Another reason why detoxing is needed as the methods usually involve countering the “acidity” of the body. Too much exposure to radiation tends to “acidify” the human metabolic system. This can be reversed with a salt and soda bath, which is highly alkaline that neutralizes this acidification.

Do this EMF detox bath process twice or thrice a week to help reverse the harmful effects associated with too much radiation. Not only that, but EMF detox baths also help remove toxins from our largest organ, the skin.


Lastly, methods of detoxing via diet and consumption of supplements can help induce cell regeneration. This restorative regeneration commonly happens during sleep. Thus it is no surprise that many of these supplements are best taken before bed. Having an enhanced state of cell regeneration is necessary to ensure efficient removal of waste, accumulated toxins, and free radicals in the body.

There are numerous methods of detoxing but the reasons remain clear. EMF detoxification does not only detox the body from the harmful effects of EMF exposure but also provide good effects on the body.

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