EMF Quiet Zones: Nature’s Way of Keeping You EMF-Free!

emf protection zones

The possible effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) to society have resulted in people looking for ways to address the issue. Moreover, people suffering from Electro Sensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, seek EMF protection in EMF-safe zones.

These communities are popular by the nickname EMF Quiet Zones. Here, people living inside have EMF safe housing and amenities protect themselves from the adverse effects of EMF.

The EMF protection zones are a sanctuary for people who are looking for shelter against advance environmental pollutants. Mostly, these include EMF, radio wave technology, cell tower radiation, and Wi-Fi.

Below are some of the communities which represent EMF Quiet Zones across the United States and worldwide.

United States National EMF Protection Zones.

This area is in West Virginia, created in 1958 by the Federal Communications Commission. Moreover, the area aims to protect all the radio telescopes around.

Today, the place is a sanctuary for people who are looking for EMF protection. At the same time, it is a safe haven for those suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The Tabauche Refugium.

Located at the Utah Colorado Borderlands, this EMF safety zone is a responsibility of the Smart Shelter Network. As such, it is a perfect place for people who suffer from EHS and MCS.

Even more, the community offers several options to all people living there. For example, some of them include land purchase and land stewardship jobs.

Pueblo Quito.

This is an EMF-free community in NE, Arizona. Currently, the project is in its developing phase. Regardless, the place will offer EMF-safe housing, WiFi-free zones, building lots, and EMF-quiet properties, all available for purchase.

Finally, the community promotes a participatory-stewardship style of EMF Quiet Zone.

Snowflake MCS/EHS Community.

The community has many individuals who are suffering from MCS and ES and are living near one another. In fact, the area is mostly rural land of about 20 acres per house. As a result, there are little EMF and electro-pollution among the neighbors.

The Quiet Dome.

This community is located in Grass Valley, California and is electromagnetically safe and far away from Wi-Fi or cell towers. The dome is still not complete will become an electrosmog-free area soon.

In addition, the project will use mold-hostile and non-toxic materials during its development.  

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EMF Protection Zones Worldwide.

EHS Refuge Zone.

One of the best EMF protection zones is located in Drome, France and is private property in the core of a pristine country area. Additionally, this EMF Quiet Zone belongs to a non-government organization, called Next-UP.

As a result, this company protects people from the effects of EMF, thus also promoting a natural environment. Moreover, the facilities inside the zone are all EMF-free to use. But, an EHS who wants seeks relief must come with his own metal-body caravan or camper van

Parc De Carne along Vena del Gesso Regional Park.

Parc de Carne is located within Vena del Gesso Regional Park in Brisighella, Ravenna, Italy. Moreover, this is the first of its kind in the country. The EHS Refuge Zone opened in May of 2010.

As such, it has an electrosmog and radiation-free area. In fact, this particular area helps individuals who are suffering from EHS to recover while resting at the same time.

Town of Olvera.

The town of Olvera which is located in Cadiz, Spain got the recognition of an Electromagnetic Pollution free area. The said town is the first of its kind in the country. At the same time, other places and small villages have been trying to push for a similar goal.

Mid West EMF Quiet Zones Coordination Zone.

Although this is not an official refuge facility for EHS, the place which is located in Murchison, Australia was created to secure the MRO or the Murchison Radio-Astronomy Observatory in which wireless devices are prohibited. The people living inside only received very little radio interference.

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Rose Hill Off-Grid Farm.

Located in Horsefly, British, Columbia in Canada, the place is a 162-acre retreat area, hugged by forests. Additionally, the area is free of neighbors and you cannot reside here. As an off-grid facility, the farm does not have Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, or even cell towers.

Furthermore, the water supply comes from wells, whereas electricity derives from a solar and gasoline-powered back-up system. In such a way, phones get power via satellite, with the satellite dish placed further from the farm.

For the future, we expect a growth of EMF-safe places. That said, we also expect more resorts to finally address the increasing rate of electrosensitivity, now affecting the whole society.