How Do We Treat Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity?

EMF protection to limit EHS

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a condition that one experiences after exposure to weak electromagnetic fields (EMFs). You can develop electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a result of longterm usage of EMF gadgets. Such gadgets include tablets, laptops, smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, and TV. Because of our daily exposure to these, it is essential we learn how to use EMF protection to limit EHS.

EHS patients have previously reported physical indicators such as memory loss, panic attacks, fatigue, nausea, skin problems, headache, and confusion. According to Murat Yuksel, Mehmet Okan, and Mustafa Naziroglu, long term exposure to electromagnetic radiations lowers estrogen levels, and plasma prolactin while increasing uterine oxidative stress in rats.

EHS cases have increased recently due to the increased use of electronic gadgets. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for electromagnetic hypersensitivity. However, there are several treatment methods for EHS that have also been proposed. Here is a list of the most common treatments for electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

EMF Protection to Limit EHS: Limit Your Exposure!

Electronic gadgets emit radiation that is harmful to human beings. These radiations cause various health problems. A study by Mehmet Zulkuf, Yusuf Caner, Suleyman Dasdag, Nur Adalier, and Fazile Canturk notes Wi-Fi devices emit radiofrequency radiation that induces DNA damage in several tissues in rats.

The findings indicated that prolonged exposure to radiofrequency radiation destroyed the testicular tissues of rats. Therefore, larger levels of emissions will have similar harmful effects on human beings.

However, the problem can be solved by limiting the lengths of exposure to these radiations. Short term exposures have less harmful effects on human health as compared to sustained and long-term exposures.

To achieve this, you have to ensure that you reduce the overall exposure to gadgets that emit radiations. The gadgets should be turned off when not in use, especially at night when sleeping. Computers and laptops should be shut down when not in use.

It would be best if you frequently took breaks when using devices to reduce exposure time. You should not bring the devices to bed before sleep to minimize their radiation’s adverse effects.

Using EMF protection to limit EHS

If the devices cannot be turned off, you can use EMF protection to limit EHS symptoms and help block this harmful radiation. Some accessories shield the body from the source of radiation. For instance, smartphone cases can help deflect radiations emitted by the devices. In so doing, you will minimize the risk of EHS by blocking the emissions before getting to your body.

Maintain a Healthy Diet 

Electromagnetic exposure reduces the body’s total load, thus triggering food sensitivities. Therefore you need to maintain a healthy diet to minimize the risk. Maintain a rotary diet alongside organic foods to reduce food sensitivities.

It is recommended that you take distilled, spring, or filtered water instead of tap water. EHS patients cut tolerate distilled water better than tap water because it has no minerals.

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Regular Exercises

Aside from using EMF protection to limit EHS, you should also consider getting into a better physical shape. Namely, EHS patients exposed to EMF often experience cardiovascular problems, headaches, and fatigue. Therefore, they need to exercise regularly to manage these symptoms. A more reliable and fit body can easily combat EMF sensitivities better.

When you feel lethargic most of the time, you should go for a run. This will keep your body active by keeping the heart pumping and aiding in proper blood circulation in the body. Exercises are known to stimulate endorphins from the brain, thus making you happier and more energized.

Avoid Gadgets in Your Bedroom

EHS patients experience sleep disturbance and restlessness. Frequencies from the electronic gadgets disrupt their sleeping patterns, causing sleeping problems such as insomnia. Therefore, to prevent these problems, you should keep the devices away from your bedroom.

Your tablets, smartphones, and laptops should not be within the immediate vicinity of your bed. In cases where you have to use these devices in the bedroom, use the appropriate shielding accessories.

For instance, you might use baby monitors in the bedroom. However, you have to shield the baby from the radiation by using anti-radiation baby blankets. Babies have to stay safe from the harmful effect of radiation since they are more vulnerable at this young age.

A study conducted on newborn rat’s kidneys showed that radio-frequency radiations from mobile phones interfere with gene expressions during the early gestation period.

Cognitive-behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a beneficial strategy for helping EHS patients recover. CBT is more effective in patients in the early stages of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. It is a cost-effective way of improving the quality of life as well as preventing further development of more severe forms of illness.

Final Thoughts

Treating electromagnetic hypersensitivity is more like treating an allergy. You have to diagnose the source and find ways to reduce the risk without completely altering your life such as incorporating EMF protection and safety measures. When you know the right treatment option for you, you can use your devices comfortably without fear. It is almost impossible to live without electronic devices in the modern world. The internet is also a necessity in today’s world. Therefore, Wi-Fi is here to stay, and you only have to be extra careful when using them.

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