10 Future Scenario Thinking Contributions on the EMF Debate’s Evolution

EMF protection studies

Electro Magnetic Field is an electrical discharge generated around electrically charged objects. Such objects can include, routers, batteries, and inverters. Although helping us solve the world’s electricity crisis, EMF protection studies suggest that continued exposure is harmful to our health.

Over the years, there has been a lot of debate on this topic. Different EMF protection studies have emerged, describing the safety EMF levels. Various government documents suggest that the tolerable level of a 60-Hz magnetic field is 0.5 mG – 1 mG.

However, our everyday objects have much higher levels of EMF compared to the safety limit. Objects such as fluorescent lights emit radiations at 160-200 mG at one inch away. Other objects like electrical watches, microwaves, computer screens, and even our mobile phones emit EMF radiations way higher than the prescribed safety limit.

There are various proven points that can help with the future scenario on a topic like EMF protection and safety. Here are some contributing points that can help with future EMF protection studies.

EMF Protection Studies and Benefits

Better Media Coverage.

With more and more discussions being held in the public domain about the adverse effects of EMF on human health, the media will no longer be able to avoid this topic. And with large media coverage on such a critical issue, it will be the consumer making safer choices for himself. With the change in consumer thinking, change will also come along in the market.

The Growing Interest of Communities.

Over the years, there has been a growing interest in the field of EMF protection by government and non-government organizations. With various resources up for grabs by these organizations, one can easily predict the results based on future studies from them. With the addition of more and more key players, the result could be really beneficial.

Increased Awareness Among Industries.

With increased media coverage and more well-researched data available, the market will adapt to changes that are more conscious of EMF protection practices.

Mass Awareness Moments by Public Figures.

Over recent years, many key figures in the field of science have come forward and raised awareness on this topic to the government of their countries. Figures such as Cindy Sage, Nancy Evans, Ken Cook, and others, are some of the respected authorities that contributed to the evolution of EMF.

Initiatives by Health Groups.

As the discussions about EMF protection begin to amplify, we can expect some of the major health groups in and around the country to play their part too. By recognizing the concerns of this phenomenon, health groups can play a major role in bringing the government’s attention to bring about change in the policies regarding the subject. Furthermore, they can contribute majorly to future studies pertaining to the matter of the subject.

Widespread Public Concern.

With the combination of media, industries, and various health groups, the general public will become more aware of EMF’s effects. The public will, in turn, fuel these advocacy groups in their campaign to provide a safer environment to live in.

A Shift in the Technology.

With the installed EMF base to continue growing at the current pace, industries will be doing their part in investing in less harmful technologies over their course. Even if the pace might be slow, the industry will do what it can to advance on scientific grounds.

The Timing of Realization.

A question that will play a huge part in the debate is the actual timing of the old realizing the EMF dangers. The timing of the decisions will play a key part in the final outcome of the decision.

A Mixed Reality.

Even though we hope for a better future, the world is not sane enough to experience the perfect one. There will always be a part engulfed in chaos while the rest of the world moves towards sustainability.

Steps by the Government.

In the end, it will be the government’s responsibility to ensure the fruitful laws make our future a bit brighter.

By realizing the effects and taking steps towards EMF protection, we are moving towards a more sustainable environment. After all, awareness is necessary to understand the emerging of science on EMF and to maintain a dialogue of science and humanity.

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