Mobile phone radiation – Scientist Movements for EMF protection around the world


It takes courage to fight against an entire industry. It takes courage, to tell the truth when no one is listening.

But here are some examples of great people united for standing out for what they believe in.

Over 40 NGOs lodge a complaint to the European Ombudsman

According to over 40 NGOs the assessment of Electromagnetic Field health risks by a European Commission expert group is largely biased towards a pro-industrial scientific viewpoint.

The organizations claim that the SCENIHR experts omitted the contradictory conclusions of a substantial part of the scientific community and that some of the experts have close links to the telecom or electrical industry.

Main NGO demands and suggestions:

  • An investigation by the European Ombudsman of the appointment and composition of the SCENIHR EMF steering and working groups, including questions of pluralism, transparency, corporate influence, NGO participation, and the integration of suggestions from the public consultation.
    An annulment of the SCENIHR report on EMF health risks.
  • The appointment of a new balanced, transparent and contradictory expert group without conflicts of interest by an unbiased steering group.
  • A new balanced and independent assessment.
  • The establishment of a permanent stakeholder committee at DG SANCO, where NGO viewpoints can be truly pronounced and considered in the decision process on EMF policy, legislation, research, and expert assessment.

Mobile phone radiation

Mobile phone radiation EMF protection solutions

International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields & Wireless Technology.

220 scientists from 41 nations have signed the Appeal above.

Each has published peer-reviewed research on biological or health effects of non-ionizing radiation, including extremely low-frequency fields (ELF) used for electricity or radio frequency radiation (RFR) used for wireless communications.

These EMF scientists are raising serious concerns regarding the risks for humankind and nature from ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF sources (electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation) generated by electric and wireless devices from electrical power sources and the global wireless communications infrastructure.

These scientists claim that

  • current international EMF exposure guidelines do not protect against long-term exposure or low-intensity effects
  • are insufficient to protect the health of humankind
  • do not take into account the risks for all other biological organisms.

The Appeal calls upon the UN  (United Nations) and all member States in the world to encourage the WHO (World Health Organization) to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines and to take precautionary measures to reduce EMF exposure conditions.


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Mumbai-based NGO NAGAR took action in India

The actress Juhi Chawla Mehta together with NGO NAGAR representatives and ten journalists took the initiative and wrote a petition to Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

They expressed the concern of “the health hazards due to Radiation from Mobile Towers Antennae, Mobile Phone Radiation and would like to get Regulations and Norms in place to reduce radiation levels”

The Justice accepted the request and scheduled the discussions for 4G Towers in Open Spaces and Gardens starting from October 2015.