EMF Protection Detox: How to Limit Excessive Radiation?  

emf protection detox

You probably have heard of the dangers of electromagnetic force or EMF into one’s health. There are discussions about its harmful effects and risks on our wellbeing. As technology progresses, the chance of being exposed to different sources of EMFs are also increasing. As an existing health threat, EMF exposure demands an immediate EMF protection body detox, just so you stay on the safer side.

But before your detox, it is also important to be aware of the symptoms of EMF and its sources.

Defining EMF

Electromagnetic fields or EMF are invisible areas of energy which are generated by mobile phones, power lines, broadcast towers, mobile phone towers, and other electronic gadgets. They also occur naturally within our body in trace amounts, often associated with muscle and nerve activity.

Another natural source of radiation is the sun which produces a high level of radiation. As technology progresses, man-made EMF sources were created such as appliances, gadgets, batteries, and generators.

Based on NIH or National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, EMFs can be categorized based on its frequency: non-ionizing and ionizing radiation.

Non-ionizing is a low to mid-level of frequency that has little to no effects on humans. A few examples of non-ionizing radiations are microwave ovens, house energy smart meters, computers, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, wireless networks, MRIs, and power lines.

On the other hand, ionizing is mid to high-level of frequency which can lead to serious damage to our bodies. A few examples are sunlight, x-rays, and some gamma rays.

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EMF Protection Body Detox: What Is It?

The body has the ability to adapt to certain environmental changes. Therefore, exposure to a low level of EMF is still manageable. However, since the development of technology and the rising usage of different electronic gadgets and appliances, we are constantly exposed to its radiation. That is why it is best to manage the level of EMF frequency in the surroundings and use EMF protection whenever possible.

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That said, here are some of the ways to help you do a proper EMF protection body detox:

Minimize the Number of EMF Sources 

One way to do an EMF protection body detox is by getting rid of direct EMF exposure. However, it’s almost impossible to remove these sources from the surroundings. Though this is so, you can always opt to remove such items from your home.

In order to start detoxifying, check the things that emit radiation and dispose of them if necessary, or you can try to become more mindful when purchasing items. In this way, you can lessen your EMF exposure by being aware.

Minimize the Use of EMF Sources 

If it’s hard to get rid of the EMF sources, try to minimize the time exposure from it. Consistent exposure to EMF can have a negative impact in the long run. Gadgets are one of the most common sources of low-level radiation. A simple way to minimize time exposure is to turn off your gadgets when not using them.

Another way is to simply reduce your usage of such items. While doing this will not totally remove your exposure to EMF exposure, you’re at least minimizing it, thus allowing you to detoxify over time.

Distance Yourself from EMF Sources

Distance is another factor to consider when it comes to EMF exposure. Try to increase the distance of EMF sources from your body. One good practice is to remove the gadgets inside your room while sleeping. This is related to the one mentioned above.

However, if you really want to do an effective EMF protection body detox, you should not only distance yourself at home but anywhere else, too. By becoming more mindful, you’re actually making a habit of identifying areas where EMF is high.

Using Wired Connectionemf

One of the ways EMF sources can emit radiation is through a wireless connection. Try to use an ethernet connection instead of WiFi at home. Contacting your local WiFi provider can give you options if you don’t know how to proceed.

Make Use of EMF Shields

There are products available now in the market called radiation shield. These things serve as a shield or barrier to better minimize the radiation getting into your body. There are several options out there, so you’ll never run out of options and actually find a product that would work for you.

Use Essential Oils

These natural oils have antioxidant properties and energy frequency to help to protect your body from radiation. Plants have energy fields that counteract the negative energy of EMF. The higher the vibration energy, the better it is. Rose oil has the highest vibration at 320 MHz, making it one of the best essential oils for EMF protection.

Use Earth’s Ions

Naturally, the earth’s surface has an ionic charge that serves as a magnet to absorb negative energy from the body. Beach sands are a great example. Therefore, whenever possible, try to take vacation breaks and indulge in the positive energy of nature. This will not only protect you from EMF exposure but will also rejuvenate you in general.

Eat Antioxidant-rich Foods

Aside from applying essential oils to your body, it is also important to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. Fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are good sources of antioxidants. These fruits will definitely not only help you get protected from EMF, but these will also boost your health once done consistently.


Electromagnetic fields are everywhere. That said, it’s almost impossible to avoid EMF exposure, especially if you’re in a place where technology is developing and man-made pollution is increasing. Fortunately, there are a lot of options you can follow to detoxify your body of said radiation.

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