How bad EMF affects bees and what can we do to counteract these effects


Bees are a portion of the most diligent animals on the planet, and in light of their hard working attitude, we owe an abundance of thanks to this astounding yet regularly overlooked creature.

Our lives – and the world in general – would be an entirely different place if bees didn’t exist because bees are in charge of pollinating around one-sixth of the blooming plant species worldwide and approximately 400 diverse agricultural plants.

Honeybees and alternate pollinators , these give around $19 billion worth of agricultural harvests in the U.S. alone; that is assessed to be 33% of all that we eat! The other pollinators, for example, bats, moths, butterflies, hummingbirds, ants, and insects added to an expected $10 billion in 2010!

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To state we depend on the pollination endeavors of bees (and different creatures) to support our cutting edge sustenance framework is an understatement. Pollination is basically plant reproduction. Without assistance from pollinators, our ordinary nourishment supply would look very different – no less than 33% of our staples we’ve come to depend on would never again be accessible.

By keeping blossoms pollinated, bees propagate botanical development and give alluring natural surroundings to different creatures. Pollinators exchange pollen and seeds starting with one blossom, then onto the next, treating the plant so it can develop to provide food. Cross-pollination helps no less than 30 percent of the world’s products and 90 percent of our wild plants to thrive.


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Without bees to spread seeds, many plants would cease to exist.

Therefore, it is important for bees to be safe, but nowadays EMF and other electrical pollution have caused a decline in the numbers of the honey bees. Cell phones have dramatically affected the behavior of the bees, to be specific by prompting the worker piping signal.

In characteristic conditions, specialist piping either declares the swarming procedure of the honey bee settlement or signals a disturbed honey bee state. For, future trials, in supplement to the present unique review and keeping in mind the end goal to achieve more “regular” conditions, cell phones ought to be put at different expanding separations far from the hives.

Other factors, for example, the varroa bug and pesticides, signals from cell phones and poles could add to the decrease of honeybees around the globe.

Also, phone radiation might add to decreases in honey bee populaces in a few territories of the world. Honey bee populaces dropped 17 percent in the UK a year ago, as per the British Bee Association, and almost 30 percent in the United States says the U.S. Branch of Agriculture.

Some parasitic mites called varroa and agricultural pesticides have shown a climate change which is termed as CCD “colony collapse disorder” .

But researchers in India believe cell phones should be blamed for some of the losses.

Researchers who are studying at Punjab University in Chandigarh planned an experiment, they fitted cell phones to a hive and powered them up for fifteen minutes twice a day and after three months, the honey production stopped and the egg production by the queen bee almost dropped to half of what it produced earlier.

The difference could also be seen in the size of the hives, which also reduced. The bees also have an economic value that is approximately $290 million per year in the UK and $12 billion in the U.S, if the bee populations fall further it could result in a very big loss. Studies have been conducted by Andrew Goldsworthy, who is a biologist from the UK’s Imperial College, London.

He has studied the biological effects of EMF

and he says it is is possible bees could be affected by cell phone radiation. Cell phone radiation can interfere with their ability to navigate their direction back home. Bees use cryptochrome for navigation, it is used to sense the direction of earth’s magnetic field, but cell phones affect their ability and therefore they do not find their way back to the hive.

Goldsworthy has kept in touch with the UK correspondences controller OFCOM recommending a change of telephone frequencies would stop the honey bees being confounded.

“It’s conceivable to adjust the signal originating from the [cell] telephones and the base station so as to not produce the frequencies that exasperate the cryptochrome atoms,” Goldsworthy said.”So they could do this without the signal losing its capacity to transmit information.”

But the UK’s Mobile Operators Association, told CNN:

“Researchers have effectively thought to be conceivable variables required in CCD and have distinguished the territories for research into the reasons for CCD, which do exclude introduction to radio waves.”

Norman Carreck, Scientific executive of the International Bee research Association at the UK’s University of Sussex says it’s as yet not clear how much radio waves influence honey bees. “We know they are sensitive to magnetic fields. What we don’t know is what do they use it for. And no one has yet demonstrated that honey bees use the earth’s magnetic field when navigating,” Carreck said.

Now, as we all are aware the importance of bees and the factors affecting them, we need to counteract these effects in order to save them. There are many organizations working here, but the UK’s Cooperative Supermarket took honey bee assurance to a radical new level, be that as it may, with its complete Plan Bee battle declared a year ago.

The program incorporated various real responsibilities and measures that added up to a comprehensive way to deal with battling CCD, including:

1:Briefly precluding the utilization of neonicotinoid-construct pesticides with respect to possess mark crisp create.

2:Making over £150,000 ($225,000) accessible to bolster inquire about into the downfall of the bumble bee;

3:Trialing another wildflower seed blend that will be planted close by products on its ranches over the UK. A noteworthy mindfulness raising component among the helpful’s participation and client base.

To save honey bees, we should continually make efforts to keep them healthy and alive, not only for their betterment but also for ours. Emf Protection Cell counteracts the wifi network and wigig radiation.

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